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It is passion that drives investment in fine wines: the Italian wine investor according to eWibe

In terms of budget, one in two (53.2%) investors devote up to 5% of their portfolio to wine, 29.9% between 5% and 10%

Unlike sectors such as art and jewelry, investing in fine wine is definitely more accessible: the market, still very dynamic, is constantly looking for new territories and new labels, often traded at prices within the reach of any small saver. Who, on his side, now has several channels to bet on, especially online, which allow him to manage more or less large portfolios with some ease. Those who invest in wine, however, do not do so only for purely economic reasons; on the contrary, as revealed by the portrait of the wine investor outlined by the eWibe fine wine live market, 50.9% of the users of the trading platform declare that it is their passion for wine that drives them to invest, while 32% do so essentially to diversify their portfolios. Finally, 12.1% invest because they are attracted by the high potential of this alternative asset, which has generated a cumulative growth of +94% over the past 10 years.

In terms of budget, one in two (53.2%) investors devote up to 5% of their investment portfolio to fine wines, 29.9% between 5% and 10%, and 10.4% invest up to 20% of their capital in fine wines. Red wine takes the lead, chosen in 82% of cases, followed by sparkling wines (17%) and whites (1%). 45.9% invest in wines from Tuscany, followed by Bordeaux (20.1%), Champagne (15.2%) and Piedmont (15.2%). Regionally, 4 out of 10 digital investors (40.8%) are residents of Lombardy, followed by Tuscany (9.3%) and Veneto (8.2%), and in 38% of cases they are between 27 and 32 years old, followed by the 33-38 age group (18%) and the 39-44 age group (14%).

“The fine wines investment sector is evolving: alongside traditional collectors, the figure of the digital investor, a passionate and curious user, is emerging”, comments Edoardo Maria Lamacchia, founder and CEO of eWibe. “This new generation of investors is always looking for as much information as possible about the world of fine wines, as well as education, because even investing in an alternative asset with a strong passion component like wine always requires a high level of attention. Our mission is precisely this: to enable everyone to invest in this passion asset independently, but with the necessary tools to operate consciously. Through the eWibe platform we want to open more and more a market with strong potential, but traditionally closed and reserved for collectors. This market”, Lamacchia concludes, “has grown by 94% in the last ten years and we expect it to continue to generate significant positive performance”.

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