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Italian sparkling wine exports 2023: less quantity, but values grow on 2022

Shipped 502.8 million liters (-2.1%), worth 2.2 billion euros (+3.5%). US down, but first market. Uk and Germany grow, boom in France
The 2023 export of Italian sparkling wines: less quantity, but values grow on 2022

502.8 million liters (-2.1%), for 2.2 billion euros (+3.5%) over 2022: this is the result to the export of Italian sparkling wines in 2023, which, therefore, fare better in value, but worse in quantity out of total Italian wine (at 7.7 billion euros in value, -0.8%, and 2.1 billion liters in volume, -0.9%), of which Italian sparkling wines, by now, are worth just under a quarter in volume, and just over 25% in value, out of total Italian wine shipments worldwide. A picture that emerges from a WineNews study of Istat data that, among other things, testifies to the greater difficulties of still wines, at least in volume, over sparkling wines.
Looking at some of the most important markets, the United States, despite a decline of -5.7%, remains the leading market in value for Italy’s sparkling wines, at 492.7 million euros, followed by the United Kingdom, at 411.2 (+3.3%), and Germany at 145.8 million euros (+5.9%). But the most significant growth, and attributable almost entirely to the Prosecco world, is in France, at 130.3 million euros, a jump of +25.6% over 2022. Good growth also in Switzerland, with +6.5% touches €83.6 million, while Russia (which is also among the main world markets for Asti, ed.) loses significantly, at €83 million (-8.6%). Among the main markets, substantially stable is Canada, for Italian sparkling wines, at 58.1 million euros (-3.7%). Asia is doing very badly: Japan retreats to 37.6 million euros (-15.7%), China stops at 11.2 million euros (-20.2%).

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