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Italian wine, the most loved by Americans. According to a survey by “Wine Spectator”

Plebiscite among women, great love among the under 30. Curiosity: Barolo the most loved by young people, Brunello di Montalcino by over 50
Bruce Sanderson of Wine Spectator

Italian wine is the one most frequently consumed by American wine lovers, with the Belpaese associated above all with an offer that leaves great variety of choice and a great quality-price ratio, with great classics, such as Barolo and Brunello di Montalcino, which are the two most popular wines, with some peculiarities: the highest oenological expression of the Langhe is very popular among the “under 30”, the most prestigious expression of Sangiovese is loved and consumed especially among the “over 50”. Between confirmations and curiosities, is the portrait of wine lovers in the U.S., painted by a survey of “Wine Spectator”, the most popular magazine of wine criticism in the States, a key market for Italian wine, told to Wine2Wine, by Bruce Sanderson.
Among the producer countries of the “Old World”, Italy, as mentioned, is the one most often chosen, from 59% of the readers of Wine Spectator, with France second, at 26%. 74% of Americans perceive Italy as a country of great diversity, 67% also say that Italy offers wines of great quality/price.
Among the evidence that emerges, there is the plebiscite in the name of Bacchus of women: 96% indicate it as a favorite drink, and 46% of them spend between 26 and 50 dollars per bottle.
Also interesting is the figure for the “under 30”: 61% prefer Italian wine, and more than half are willing to spend more than $ 50 per bottle.
It is, of course, a particular sample, made of wine lovers, and that does not reflect the more general trends of the entire wine industry, as Sanderson explained, but it is significant precisely because it highlights a cross-section of the market really interesting for producers of high-quality wines.
Still, it emerges that men prefer mainly reds, while women are more oriented towards whites and sparkling wines, and, again, if women choose mainly for variety and grape variety, men look mainly at the brand of the producer.
The data regarding the first two standard-bearers of the great Italian wine in the USA is interesting: 48% of the over 50s tend to drink more Brunello di Montalcino than other wines, while 24% of the under 30s prefer Barolo in particular.

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