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Italy has its first Master of Wine: Gabriele Gorelli in the legendary Uk organization

Today the new MW, Italy will have its own ambassador, born and raised in the land of Brunello: “enhancing the excellence of Italian wine”
Gabriele Gorelli, the first Italian Master of Wine

The Institute of Masters of Wine, the most authoritative and ancient organization dedicated to the knowledge and trade of wine, finally welcomes among its ranks the first Italian representative. Climbing the Olympus of the historical English association, capable of catalyzing high level relationships and interests, both economic and cultural, is Gabriele Gorelli. Born in 1984, grown up in Montalcino, the land of Brunello, to which he is bound by deep family roots, over the years he has built up an enormous knowledge in the oenological field. Ranging from viticulture to communication and economics, making him an esteemed brand builder of wine companies, importers and big restaurants. Without ever losing sight of the ultimate goal of a journey that began in 2014, which has seen him grow and establish himself as one of the points of reference in the communication of Italian wine abroad.
The Masters of Wine in the world, thus, become 418 - the others appointed today are James Doidge (UK), Susan Lin (USA), Moritz Nikolaus Lueke (Germany), Sophie Parker-Thomson (New Zealand), Álvaro Ribalta Millán (UK), Tze Sam (UK), Melissa Saunders (USA), Kryss Speegle (USA) and Clare Tooley (USA) - an elite that combines relationships and skills at the highest levels. This is why it is so important for Italy to have its own representative. An ambassador at the service of all, capable of making a new and decisive contribution to the dynamics that drive the ganglia of trade and wine education. A "table" from which Italy, the country with the oldest, richest and most complex wine tradition in the world, has been absent until now, and now it is ready to sit down. Without any reverential fear, because the success of Masters of Wine lies first of all in the ability to deepen and widen knowledge, by enhancing differences and peculiarities, of which Belpaese is second to none.

“The role of Masters of Wine, historically, is certainly not to bend wine production to the prevailing taste. On the contrary, it is to make excellence accessible and comprehensible to all, enhancing it and creating added value along the entire supply chain”, comments Gabriele Gorelli, who, among other things, edited the Italian section of Sotheby’s Wine Encyclopedia 2020. “It is fundamental that a complex country such as Italy, from an ampelographic, historical and stylistic point of view, can count on an ambassador representing it in the international scene. Even today, despite the encyclopedic knowledge of Anglo-Saxons, there are still beliefs and prejudices rooted in decades, which give a distorted image of the Italian enological heritage. Therefore it is fundamental that there is someone ready to be at the disposal of the whole industry, with credibility, authority, as well as the right tone of voice and language, in order to represent and tell about Italy and its wines in the complex universe of international trade”, Gabriele Gorelli adds.
Today he closed a circle, with an experimental thesis on an increasingly topical technical subject, that is the fight against quercetin precipitates in bottled wine: “Quercetin precipitation in Brunello di Montalcino. What are the organic fining methods to prevent this phenomenon occurring in bottle?”. Behind it, a challenging path, which began in 2014, when Florence welcomed the quadrennial Symposium of the Institute of Masters of Wine. An opening to Italy that prompted many wine professionals to attempt the climb, starting, in 2015, with “Stage One”, the first major hurdle. Overcome at the end of the traditional seminar, hosted on that occasion in Rust, Austria: 12 blind wines and two essays, which opened wide to Gabriele the doors of “Stage Two”. 2016 and 2017 were the years of training and internationalization, discovering the main wine regions of the world. A two-year period marked by travel, professional and personal relationships, and the study of the great themes of viticulture and world enology: in essence, the foundations on which to build the credibility of a Master of Wine.
Thus, in 2018, Gabriele becomes the first Italian to pass the practical part of “Stage Two”, the second step of the final exam, in which the candidate analyzes and narrates 36 wines, tasting them blind, in three batteries of 12 during three days, in which communication has an apex role. It is fundamental, especially in the thirteen essays of the theoretical part, to contextualize the theoretical knowledge of viticulture, enology, quality control and market in a practical context, paying attention to economic sustainability, company size, agricultural regime. “A Master of Wine - adds Gabriele Gorelli - does not have to “guess” wines, but to show he/she has understood them. He can make mistakes in recognizing the variety and the origin, within certain limits, but it is required a great sensibility in evaluating the production style and, above all, the quality. Every battery of wines is an essay that the candidate is asked to write about origin, variety, production method, positioning in the quality pyramid and commercial placement. The description of the wine follows a logic that leads to conclusions, it is a small essay in which it is necessary to use analytical skills and communicative effectiveness. The goal is to show that one has knowledge enough to answer the questions asked, by lining up one's arguments and by producing an essay balanced in opinions, realistic and well motivated”, says the new Master of Wine Gabriele Gorelli. The English, despite not having millennia of history behind them, as producers, know how to be pragmatic and methodical, and base their choices on objective indicators. In conclusion, this is the plus that a Master of Wine guarantees: the working method, the organization and the strategic management of problems.

Focus - The Institute of Masters of Wine
The Institute of Masters of Wine is an organization founded in 1953, whose members, the website says, are the Masters of Wine. Whose mission is to promote excellence, sharing and knowledge among the different sectors of the global wine community.
The Masters of Wine demonstrate their knowledge of all aspects of wine by passing the final exam, which is recognized worldwide for its rigor and exacting standards. The exam includes a series of theoretical papers and blind tastings, as well as an individual research project that contributes to the understanding of the world of wine.
After having passed the exam, Masters of Wine are required to sign a code of conduct, before being allowed to use the title of Master of Wine, and use the initials “MW”. The code of conduct requires Masters of Wine to act with honesty and integrity, and to use every opportunity to share their knowledge of wine with others. More than 450 people have become Masters of Wine since the first examination took place in 1953, and today the Institute of Masters of Wine represents the highest ambition for wine professionals around the world.

Focus - Gabriele Gorelli
Born in 1984, Gabriele Gorelli is a wine expert, designer and brand builder born and raised in Montalcino, Tuscany. His roots in wine can be traced back to his grandfather, who was the smallest producer of Brunello di Montalcino. After language studies and a strong passion for marketing, in 2004 Gabriele founded Brookshaw&Gorelli, a design agency specializing in wine visual communication.
In 2015, he founded a consulting firm for wine sales and marketing abroad, KH Wines, with clients ranging from wineries to importers to high-end restaurants. He regularly participates in national and international wine competitions as a presenter and judge.
Gabriele Gorelli speaks Italian, English and French, with a basic knowledge of German. Although an avid traveler, Gabriele enjoys disconnecting and recharging his batteries with trail running and the practice of Ashtanga Yoga.

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