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IWSR: Organic wine flying on markets across Europe, Germany in the lead, then France and the UK

From now to 2022, consumption in northern Europe destined to double, reaching 207 million bottles for 7.7% market share
IWSR: Organic wine flying on markets across Europe, Germany in the lead

Iwsr: organic wine flying on markets throughout Europe, Germany first, then France and the UK
It is no news to anyone that organic wine is now definitely a primary presence on the world wine market, particularly in European countries. According to the IWSR numbers - International Wine & Spirits Research - for Sudvinbio, the largest organic wine association in France, which organizes the Millésime Bio fair, there were 671.2 million green bottles opened worldwide in 2017. Germany, which is the leading market for organic wine, opened 162 million bottles, taking 23.9% share of the global market, followed by France (111.6 million bottles, 16.4% of the market), the United Kingdom (68.4 million bottles, 10.2% of the market), the United States (54 million bottles, 7.9% of the market), Sweden (50.4 million bottles, 7.4% of the market), Japan (34 million bottles, 6% of the market), Austria (22.8 million bottles, 3.4% of the market), Italy (15.6 million bottles, 2.3% of the market), Spain (15.6 million of bottles, 2.3% of the market) and Hungary (14.4 million bottles, 2% of the market). As far as the remaining 18.1% of the market (122.4 million bottles) is concerned, this was covered by all the other countries, not included in the top ten. Regarding future prospects, the French case is definitely the most representative. In 2012, consumption totaled 55 million bottles, which then grew to 112 million in 2017, while forecasts for 2022 are speaking of 207 million, giving a market share of 7.7%, and this trend should unite the entire European market.

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