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Le Tenute del Leone Alato, the heart of Genagricola (which is thinking about new acquisitions)

At WineNews, Francesco Domini: “we are working on alliances with other wineries in territories where we are not present. At least for now”
Francesco Domini, director of Le Tenute del Leone Alato (Genagricola)

A project to bring on the market the wines of Genagricola, produced on 780 hectares of vineyards, with 47 different grape varieties, mostly native, from which 65 wines are produced, 56 of which with protected designation of origin, divided among the five estates of Piedmont (Bricco dei Guazzi, in the heart of Monferrato, territory of the popular Barbera), Veneto (Costa Arènte, in Valpolicella, between Amarone and Recioto, in Prosecco Doc with Tenuta Sant’Anna, and with V8+, in the heart of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene, with Prosecco Docg and Cartizze) and Friuli Venezia Giulia (Torre Rosazza, the quintessence of Friuli), strongly different from each other, but distinctive and well rooted in regions with a high wine vocation:here are Le Tenute del Leone Alato, as Francesco Domini, commercial director of Le Tenute del Leone Alato (but also operations director of wine production, ed.), of one of the most interesting groups in agriculture and in the world of wine, owned by Genagricola, the largest Italian agricultural company, with 13,000 cultivated hectares, owned by one of the most important insurance groups, Generali, tells WineNews.
”We wanted to separate the purely agricultural activity from the commercial one, moving the first step to widen the horizon. We are working - explains Francesco Domini, director of Le Tenute del Leone Alato - on a path of alliances with other companies,
especially for distribution purposes, through a project that will make us grow both on international and domestic markets. It is a goal we have been pursuing for some time, and which will take shape by the end of 2021. Concretely, as we have companies in different regions, we want to complete our distribution offer by identifying partners in areas where we are not present with our companies today”.
The future of wine for Genagricola does not look only to commercial growth, because, Francesco Domini resumes, “at the same time we are also looking around for possible new acquisitions, even though at the moment there is nothing concrete ... Obviously, we will give priority to territories where we are not present, such as Tuscany or Southern Italy. Even if it’s a path that we’ll take step by step ... These are assessments that we will make after verifying the results of the distribution development we are working on”.
Genagricola, led since 2019 by CEO Igor Boccardo (a manager who puts the team at the center and considers change an opportunity to improve, ed.) is the largest Italian agricultural company (for years in the carrier assets of the insurance group Generali) is developing in parallel to the wine segment, craft beer, spirits (vermouth, bitters, gin, always from raw materials produced by Genagricola), the arable sector (wheat, barley, spelt), livestock farming and the green energy frontier, including photovoltaic and renewable energy.

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