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Lugana: bottling and values up, stocks down. 50% of stocks in storage released

The Consortium, led by Ettore Nicoletto, made the announcement. Confidence is high for the recovery, thanks to the high quality 2020 harvest
The Lugana vineyards overlooking Lake Garda

The Lugana market is continuing to grow. The white wine of Lake Garda produced from the Turbiana grape is among those that has the greatest tendency to export. According to data from the Consortium led by Ettore Nicoletto, in the first quarter of 2021 bottling (+11.2%) and prices, both for grapes (+24%) and above all for bulk wine (+ 69%) grew in double digits, according to data from the Verona Chamber of Commerce. In addition, the decrease in the ratio between stocks at the end of March and bottled wines, over the previous 12 months, gives a very optimistic picture of the performance of the Denomination. This fact has convinced the Protection Consortium - explained a note - to decide to release 50% of the bulk wine currently placed in storage.
The proposal received the favorable opinion of the Lombardy and Veneto Regions, therefore making it possible to make 8.900 hectoliters of wine available to the Lugana DOC producers’ chain. Another fact that gives confidence to the denomination is the quality of the 2020 vintage.
“The 2020 harvest has given us wines with great balance, thanks to the cool nights, which preserved the acidity and elegance typical of Turbiana, and the thermal trend has allowed for a wonderful aromatic expression. It will be an extremely pleasant vintage in the short term. However, making a prediction, we believe it will be remembered above all for some of its memorable Riserva types. Lugana Riserva must age or refine for at least 24 months, six of which must be in the bottle. It is characterized by brighter chromatic tones, more advanced and complex aromas, a warmer minerality on the palate and an evolutionary potential that will easily unfold over a decade”, said the president of the Consortium, Ettore Nicoletto. Meanwhile, Lugana is carving out more and more space on the National scene as well.
According to the Consortium, “2021 has consecrated it as first among national white wines in mass retail (first quarter data). Furthermore, in percentage terms, it is the one that has registered the most important increase, over the last two years, in this channel: +135%, in the first four months of 2019 compared to the same period in 2021.

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