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Mezzacorona: record balance sheet for 2021 of €196.5 million. Growth in net profit and remuneration

67.5 million euros paid out to members, with an average economic yield per hectare of 18,799 euros. For Italy’s “most social” winery
Luca Rigotti and Francesco Giovannini at the helm of Mezzacorona

Cooperation is one of the pillars of the Italian wine sector. Not only because it accounts for more than half of Italy’s wine production, but also, or above all, because in some areas where vineyard ownership is very fragmented, for historical, social and orographical reasons, the cooperative model allows winegrowers to stay on the market and obtain an economic return that would otherwise be almost impossible. And in this sense, one of the reference territories is Trentino, where some of the most important Italian wine cooperatives are located. Such as the Mezzacorona Group, which, in 2021, marked by Covid, reached an all-time record for its consolidated turnover, at 196.5 million euros (+1.5% on 2020), with a net profit of 3.2 million euros (+32.5% on 2020), a contribution value of over 67.5 million euros paid out to members, and a very high economic yield per hectare, on average 18,799 euros. These are decidedly important results, accompanied by an increase in consolidated assets from 101 to 104.2 million euros, a figure that highlights the great financial solidity of the Group which, at the end of the financial year on 1 July 2021, had 487 employees. The Group, led by President Luca Rigotti (also head of the wine sector of the Alliance of Italian Cooperatives and of the Wine Working Group of Copa-Cogeca, at EU level) and General Manager Francesco Giovannini, emphasized that “the results have been excellent despite a complicated general context, which has put in serious difficulty not only people's health but also the whole economy and therefore also the wine sector”.
Very important, underlines the Mezzacorona Group, was also the achievement for the sixth consecutive year of the certification of the production of the members according to the National Quality System for Integrated Production (Sqnpi) and, in close connection, the certification of the wines, confirming the great results on the road to sustainability obtained by the Mezzacorona Group. The Mezzacorona Group has implemented a policy of sustainability with great determination, not only from an environmental point of view but also from a social, economic, cultural and territorial one.
The philosophy behind the Mezzacorona Group, which brings the value of Trentino wine to 65 countries around the world, with exports accounting for 80% of sales, with a strong presence in the United States, the most important and strategic market (where it has been operating successfully for more than thirty years with its subsidiary Prestige Wine Imports Corp), and in Germany (through the subsidiary Bavaria Wein Import GmbH), but among the most important markets are also Holland, Austria, Switzerland, Scandinavia, the United Kingdom, Canada, Belgium, Eastern Europe and Russia in particular, without forgetting the Far East (Japan, South Korea, China) but also new markets such as Australia, Israel, the Caribbean and Vietnam. The managing director Francesco Giovannini, as Mezzacorona points out, presented to the assembly the numerous initiatives based on the development of research, on technical advice in the countryside and on the consolidation of the quality and excellence achieved. “The Group is focused on its role as a widespread territorial agricultural company, based on the work and careful work of its member winegrowers”, explains a note, “constantly oriented towards quality and environmental protection. With this in mind, in 2021 the members of the Mezzacorona Group have once again obtained the Certification of the grapes produced according to the National Quality System for Integrated Production (Sqnpi), a fundamental and necessary step that has already enabled the certification of the wines and their launch on all international markets. This is a strategic objective of the Mezzacorona Group, aimed at satisfying the demands of consumers all over the world who are increasingly attentive, knowledgeable and sensitive to the issues of product wholesomeness and environmental protection. The vision of sustainability set out and implemented by the Mezzacorona Group has the objective of enhancing the great work of its members in the service of the territory, both in its environmental and health dimension in the first place, but then with strong social and economic values and positive externalities on the territory as a whole. A constant commitment of the whole chain, from the countryside to the final consumer, enhancing what has now become the mainstay of European policies. It should be remembered that Mezzacorona was one of the first companies in Trentino in the 1970s to focus on DOC wines and in the 1990s to successfully experiment with the most advanced integrated production practices, such as sexual confusion, which was then adopted by all producers in Trentino and beyond”.
Mezzacorona’ s attention to the territory translates into many projects such as the “Musivum” (Mosaic) line, currently composed of four labels (Gewürztraminer, Pinot Grigio and Müller Thurgau Trentino Superiore Doc and Chardonnay Alto Adige Doc Tolloy, with grapes from the partner winery in Salorno) and which in 2022 will be enriched with Marzemino and Teroldego Rotaliano. Projects and results that the Mezzacorona Group recounts and collects also thanks to social media, in which it has been investing for some time in an organic manner. “The three main brands Mezzacorona, Rotari and Feudo Arancio have reached, in the various social tools of the Group, almost 1,000,000 likes in total, a number that once again puts Mezzacorona at the top of the national ranking for social interest. In fact, Mezzacorona has been crowned the most social Italian winery in the 2021 annual survey by the specialized company Omnicom PR Group, a very satisfying result that shows how Mezzacorona is an innovative and dynamic company, able to be in tune with its time and with modernity”.

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