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Oltrepò Pavese and its virtuous producers team up around Pinot Noir

The Lombardy region grows 75% of the Pinot Noir vineyards in Italy, the third largest production area after Burgundy and Champagne

A unique, historic territory in continuous search of concrete redemption, told by two wines that are the offspring of the same vine, Pinot Noir, now increasingly the oenological symbol of Oltrepò Pavese, which is the area of greatest production of this much-loved, highly successful vine in Europe, after Burgundy and Champagne, as well as being the largest in Italy, given that 75% of the Pinot Noir vineyards in the entire country are concentrated here. Thanks to the unique characteristics of the soil, the particular climate, but also to the resourcefulness of the wineries that, guided by the Consortium, look to the future and team up to promote this great grape variety through experimentation, sustainability and research. 34 virtuous wineries, which gave birth to “Oltrepò - Terra di Pinot Nero, un territorio, un vitigno, due eccellenze” (Oltrepò - Land of Pinot Noir, one territory, one vine, two excellences), staged at the Antica Tenuta Pegazzera in Casteggio, where many producers who believe in the enhancement of this vine and its two facets, presented the best versions to an audience of national and international journalists, restaurateurs, wine merchants, agents and sommeliers.
“Attention to Pinot Noir is becoming greater and greater”, comments Carlo Veronese, director of the Consorzio Tutela Vini Oltrepò Pavese, “and this edition was another great breath of optimism for us. In 2021 there were 20 producers, this year we are at 34 companies involved. This event is becoming a nationally recognized appointment for the excellence that can be encountered, at a time when the Oltrepò Pavese Metodo Classico DOCG is growing strongly: with 23% more than the previous year”.
“The strength of the teamwork demonstrated by the producers at this event”, added Gilda Fugazza, president of the Consortium, “is paying off and has made Oltrepò - Terra di Pinot Nero a valuable showcase. Our territory, the third in terms of production of this grape variety after Champagne and Burgundy, is a unique area that we are enhancing as we should and making more and more known for its peculiarities: from the terroir, to the hand of our tireless winemakers”.
On the “awareness on the part of the whole territory that, it is beginning to believe in its most important grape variety, Pinot Noir”, sommelier and wine educator Filippo Bartolotta dwelt: "from the tastings more and more precise wines are emerging”, he said, “with a clear territorial identity that shows wines with a decisive fruit and savory traits on the palate. There is still much to be done to return this extraordinary territory to the attention it deserves, but I am convinced that the road taken is the right one”.
“If the panorama of still wines in Oltrepò Pavese is varied and fragmented, as far as sparkling wine production is concerned, the Metodo Classico finds an important territorial junction in the territory’s prince grape, Pinot Noir. In the two types, Blanc de Noir and Cruasè, the different stylistic interpretations of the producers manifest themselves, who decline through their cellar choices and refinements their personal imprint, while having as a common thread the territorial voice of a grape capable of providing ample expressive possibilities”, adds Chiara Giovoni, journalist and critic (and also a contributor to WineNews, ed.).
A moment of relaunch, then, for the area, with the participation of wineries such as Alessio Brandolini, Azienda Agricola Bio Quaquarini Francesco, Azienda Agricola Cà del Gè, Azienda Agricola Torti L’Eleganza del Vino, Azienda Agricola Pietro Torti, Azienda Riccagioia, Ballabio, Berté & Cordini, Bosco Longhino, Bruno Verdi, Cà di Frara, Calatroni Vini, Cantina Scuropasso, Cantine Cavallotti, Castello di Cigognola, Conte Vistarino, Cordero San Giorgio, Finigeto, Frecciarossa, Giorgi, Giulio Fiamberti, La Genisia, La Piotta, La Travaglina Azienda Agricola, Le Fiole, Manuelina, Marchese Adorno, Monsupello, Montelio, Oltrenero, Prime Alture Winery & Resort, Rossetti & Scrivani, Tenuta Mazzolino and Tenuta Travaglino.

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