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Oltrepò Pavese, resignations for five members (all bottlers) of the consortium’s board of directors

Lombardy Region Agriculture Councilor Alessandro Beduschi: “as soon as possible we need a confrontation with the institutions”
Oltrepò Pavese, a land of excellence for Pinot Noir, in search of an eternal revival

In search of an eternal revival, the path of Oltrepò Pavese, the historic land of Italian wine, the noble home of Pinot Noir, where according to the Roman historian Strabo the barrel was even invented, and whose wines were described as “eccellentisimi” by the erudite Andrea Bacci in the 16th century, is strewn with obstacles. In recent days, the resignation of five members of the board of directors of the Consorzio Tutela Vini Oltrepò Pavese, Quirico Decordi, Federico Defilippi, Renato Guarini, Pierpaolo Vanzini and Valeria Vercesi, representatives of Vinicola Decordi, Agricola Defilippi Fabbio, Losito and Guarini, Azienda Vitivinicola Vanzini and Società Agricola Vercesi Nando e Maurizio, mainly bottling companies, which, according to a note from them, would represent “more than 30% of the Oltrepò Pavese production protected by the various appellations”, has caused a stir. The resignations, the note from the five companies goes on to explain, came “in controversy with non-transparent management of the Consortium, guided by partisan interests and characterized by conduct that is not always respectful of the statutory rules. For months now we have been witnessing a management of the Consortium, on the part of the presidency and some members of the Board of Directors, that is opaque and governed by logics traceable to the particular interests of a few companies, contrary to respect for the collective interest of the entire territory that the Consortium is supposed to protect”, the resigning members declare, “where the role of the Board of Directors has been mortified, reduced to a mere place of ratification of decisions taken in other fora, and measures have been adopted that risk leading toward a worrying financial collapse. According to the resigners, they speak of “attitudes that can no longer be tolerated”, and “that risk compromising the Consortium’s relationship with institutions such as Ascovilo and the Lombardy Region”. Accusations obviously rejected by the Consortium, which points out that “the resigning companies represent only the bottling phase of the entire supply chain, which is now the real focus of protection and promotion of the Consortium, some not even present in the territory and representing in terms of representativeness of Doc and Docg production only 12.4%, contrary to what has been communicated by some newspapers”.
“The presidency of the Consorzio Tutela Vini Oltrepò Pavese”, explains an official note, “wishes to strongly reiterate its goals of transparency, ethics and loyalty among all members. Our commitment is aimed at ensuring transparent management, respectful of legal regulations and focused on the collective interest of all categories represented by the Consortium. Our Board of Directors has embarked on a path aimed at making the Consortium’s actions increasingly efficient and effective, making strategic decisions to achieve the institutional goals. These decisions are aimed at enhancing the various denominations in the area and supporting the companies in the wine industry that operate with seriousness and commitment in the Oltrepò Pavese. We consider it essential to adhere to principles of commercial loyalty, respect for regulations and professional fairness.
The Consortium promotes an environment of cooperation and unity, in which all behavior must contribute to the enhancement of the image and prestige of our appellations. Each Consortium member is expected to abide by these principles, enshrined in the Consortium’s Statute, to ensure harmony and collective success. In addition, we are already working to give a more modern and high-performance form to the Consortium, with a new direction aimed at enhancing the supply chain and quality. Our goal is to restore Oltrepò Pavese to the prestige it should always have had, through a renewed commitment to excellence and innovation.
The Board of Directors, with the support of the majority of its members, will continue to work with determination for the common good of all consortium members, overcoming every obstacle that stands in the way of the Consortium’s progress and growth. Our goal remains to promote and enhance the excellence of our territory, ensuring that every action taken is aimed at achieving the institutional purposes for which the Consortium was created”.
A querelle in which the Lombardy Region, always attentive to supporting the territory, also intervened: “the Oltrepò Pavese wine system represents a pillar of Lombardy’s agri-food industry, and I believe it is in everyone’s interest that what is happening in these hours within the Consorzio di Tutela should be the subject of a discussion with the institutions as soon as possible. The Lombardy Region has always been at the side of this world”, said the Councillor for Agriculture, Alessandro Beduschi, “and for this reason, we will activate immediately for a rapid and I hope decisive confrontation with the representatives of the Pavia wine sector.
Already in the coming days”, Beduschi continued, “I will go to the Consortium headquarters to make the presence of the Lombardy Region felt and, above all, to continue with the listening and support, which on our part has never been lacking. The world of Lombardy wine is experiencing a period of growth, especially in international markets, which is symbolic of how much potential it is still able to express. It must do this together, thinking as a system system of which Oltrepò is an integral part”.

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