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Organic wine conquers Italians, at the top bubbles, rosés and whites: according to Signorvino

25% of customers specifically ask for information on organic wines, 75% let themselves be “converted” if recommended in the choice
The boom in organic wine in Signorvino’s survey

It has already convinced 1 Italian out of 4, the “organic” wine, more and more trendy and less and less niche, to which not even the “faithful” of the type do not say no. The Osservatorio di Signorvino, which, with its 16 sales points in Italy and over 1 million bottles sold each year, has surveyed the opinions of visitors to Italy’s largest “wine chain”.
From which it emerges that the number of customers looking for organic wines in shops is increasing, which are around 25%, while the other 75% who enter with the intention of buying wine choose “organic wine” only if advised by the staff that is, therefore, more and more decisive on the consumer’s choices.
It is often noted that the consumer enters the wine shop having in mind a type of wine and only rarely a label or brand and is guided by experts, demonstrating a high degree of openness.
The age group of customers who search for and buy organic wines is between 30-45 years for women and 35-55 for men. Also regarding the behavior linked to the choice phase, some differences emerge: women generally limit their choice to the price, 20% of whom are skeptical about the organic product. 30% of them, however, choose on the basis of the technical aspects of the product, and lower percentages of residues and sulfites, while 50% follow the “fashion” trend of the category.
Men, on the other hand, are very curious to learn and do not look for specific labels, even if they sometimes show that they know the great producers of organic wine.
Bubbles, rosés, and white wines are the “bio” favorites, with the reds that, explains Signorvino, represent a residual share. The average price per bottle for organic wines is over 17 euros.

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