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Private labels save large-scale distribution, and distributor-branded wines “weigh” more and more

Brand wine is worth €90 billion in Europe. Gavioli (Caviro): “vital share for producers”. And the Plma rewards the best
Private label wine in large-scale distribution

The turnover of large retail chains, in Italy as in the rest of Europe, has been eroding for some time now, with the exception, common to all, of private label products, which represent a market share of more than 30% in 17 countries out of 19 in Europe analyzed by Nielsen for the Plma in Amsterdam, an association founded in 1979 to promote private labels, which brought together 4,400 producers to “The World of the Distributor’s Brand”, on stage today in the Dutch capital. Italy, from this point of view, is still behind, with the incidence of branded products on large-scale distribution turnover that in 2018 reached 19.6% in value, up 3% on 2017 (Nielsen data), for a total turnover of 10.3 billion euros, although markets such as those of Great Britain (46%), Germany (46%) and Spain (52%) are literally dominated by private labels which, of course, embrace all sorts of products, including wine, which in Europe puts together sales for 90 billion euros, and in countries like France, Germany, Spain, and the United Kingdom, bottles with supermarket signs account for over 60% of sales in large-scale distribution. This trend was confirmed to WineNews by Giampaolo Gavioli, commercial director of Caviro, who recalls that “the distributor’s branded wines, especially on international markets, have a constantly growing share, which has become vital for major producers”. And who knows if the last of the taboos will soon fall: the major brands of large-scale distribution, it seems, are seriously thinking of opening the doors to products branded by competitors, in a sort of mutual exchange that allows the sector to grow without going through acquisitions or new openings. The growth of private label products is not only quantitative, but also qualitative, and perhaps it is precisely in the wine that it is most evident, so as to deserve a category of its own in the “Health to Excellence Wine Awards” 2019, the awards of the Plma in Amsterdam. For the Belpaese, two wines have been awarded: the Coop Fior Fiore Chianti Classico Rocca delle Macìe 2016 and the Despar Nebbiolo Langhe Vignaia Bauducco 2015. However, there are many other Italian wines, from Merlot Sicilia Mario Collina 2017 by the German brand Aldi Süd to Via al Castello Lugana 2018 by the other German chain of large scale distribution Edeka, from Soave Classico Giulio Pasotti 2017 by Lidl to AH Excellent Selectie Prosecco Vino Spumante Brut Andrea Longo by the Dutch Albert Heijn, from Kirkland Signature Asolo Prosecco Superiore by the American Costco to Sarmentino Frizzante Italia again by the Dutch Albert Heijn.

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