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Renato Ratti, Giacomo Bologna and Matteo Correggia enter the Italian wine “Hall of Fame”

The Barolo & Castles Foundation commissioned the project to celebrate great winemakers. Debut June 22nd at WiMu in Barolo
Ratti, Bologna and Correggia enter the Hall of Fame del Vino at WiMu in Barolo

A “Hall of Fame” of Italian wine, to pay tribute to the people, wines and vintages that have changed its history. This is the motivation behind the creation of the project that will have its own space in WiMu, the Barolo Wine Museum. Renato Ratti, Giacomo Bologna and Matteo Correggia are the first wine producers to be introduced - symbols of Langhe, Monferrato and Roero respectively- with their iconic wines that will be “exhibited” (like the uniforms of sports champions), at the Wine Museum, and that is, Barolo Marcenasco 1965, Barbera Bricco dell’Uccellone 1982 and Roero Ròche d'Ampsèj 1996. The debut of the project that the Barolo & Castles Foundation commissioned and which is led by Barolo producer Paolo Damilano will be on June 22nd. “We have finally begun to develop a series of ideas that are shared with the territory through the work of the Scientific Committee of the Foundation. This project is a starting point to continue to give visibility to wineries and productions as well as to add further interest to our Museum for tourists and enthusiasts. It is similar to the Stars in the worlds of cinema, music and sport; i.e., a Gallery of Glories that collects the most prestigious wines in the territory, and in the future also beyond Italian borders. It is a fascinating conductor which will tell the history of Italian wine in a different and innovative way”.
“We welcome this new initiative which has the ambition to become an annual event, with great enthusiasm”, added Renata Bianco, Mayor of Barolo, “and offer a permanent exhibition, within our WiMu in Barolo, to the people and celebrities who have contributed to make the wine world great in Langa, in Piedmont, in Italy and abroad”.
Roberto Fiori, journalist of the Italian daily “La Stampa” will be the master of ceremonies, while the journalist and popularizer Massimo Martinelli will talk about Renato Ratti, Marco Felluga, dean of Friuli winemaking, historical friend and companion of a thousand adventures and journeys will speak about Giacomo Bologna, and Coco Cano, the renowned Uruguayan painter and creator of the iconic label of the Roero winery who has lived in Italy for many years, will speak about his friend Matteo Correggia.
“It is precisely in the long and troubled decades of the great century of Italian wine that we can identify the key personalities that encouraged the wine territories to come out of the restricted places in which they were confined, and become known around the whole world”, explained the Scientific Committee of the Barolo & Castles Foundation, “the time has come to include the most illustrious representatives of Italian winemaking among the greats of our nation, at least the one founded on the vine, and dedicate them a space within the WiMu of Barolo, which is destined to become more and more the house for Wine Glories”.

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