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Rumors: Cavit towards the purchase of Casa Girelli, Cesarini Sforza and Glv from La-Vis

No 1 of the Trentino cooperation would strengthen the structure; La-Vis, with no more debts, would continue its new development
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The vineyards of Cavit in Val di Cembra

The cooperation of Trentino wine, one of the excellences of the Italian wines, is about to live a new important page in its history: according to WineNews, the giant Cavit would be a step away from the purchase of the subsidiaries of La-Vis, such as Casa Girelli, Cesarini Sforza and the commercial Glv, with La-Vis that, already strong of a balance sheet 2018-2019 that should close in growth (around 78 million euros, on 2017-2018, and in profit, according to rumors), would thus see zero its financial exposure to banks (around 40 million euros).
Cavit (190.5 million euros in the 2017-2018 budget, for 4,500 wine-growing members and 7,000 hectares of vineyards), would thus see its structure grow, while La-Vis (780 hectares for 780 members), the historic brand of Trentino wine, definitively free from debt, could thus continue its phase of new development, in an operation that, in any case, from what we learn, would ensure the maintenance of employment levels in all realities.

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