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Signorvino, 2022 turnover at 55 million euros: 35% from wine shop, e-commerce boom

The customer identikit: male, 40 years old, wine expert. Female customers reward cuisine, and 30% are under 30 years old
Federico Veronesi and Luca Pizzighella, at the head of Signorvino

Signorvino’s 2022 turnover forecast exceeds expectations, and reaches 55 million euros, thanks to more than 1.8 million bottles sold - including retail, e-commerce (which will close with a +50% in takings compared to 2021), table and over-the-counter bottles. This is the most relevant data that emerged from the Signorvino Observatory, the survey presented yesterday by Italy's largest chain of wine shops - led by Federico Veronesi, and now counting 28 stores - capable of providing important indications on trends in the Italian wine sector. The economic data derived from the frequency of purchase measured in 2022 and the average amount of the receipt, reveal that at the restaurant the average expenditure is 57 euros, that in the wine shop rises to 59 euros, while the average receipt reaches 63 euros of the combined purchases on both channels, up to pushing to 97 euros for e-commerce, a figure of absolute importance.
The annual frequency of purchases also helps to clearly trace the behaviors of the typical customer, highlighting how enthusiasts choose to return to Signorvino’s several times, particularly for e-commerce purchases (2.5 times a year) and especially for the full experience, choosing both the restaurant and the wine shop (5.4 times a year), a figure that reaches its peak when looking at the behavior of “wine experts” (7.5).

The identikit of Signorvino’s customer, which emerges from the interpretation of the data collected on the three sales channels - restaurant, wine shop and e-commerce - is that of a man (58%), 40 years old, wine expert, with a propensity to buy online, but the purchasing experience is often developed over several channels. There is also a growing interest of female customers, who prefer to taste wines in combination with the dishes of Signorvino’s cuisine (45%), while retail and e-commerce show a greater male presence (63%). Also significant is the overall figure, which places wine shop in first place (42%), followed by the restaurant proposition (36%) and an important percentage of customers who choose both channels (22%), and the feedback from the under-30 clientele, which is steadily increasing and currently accounts for 30% of Signorvino’s customers.

The wine shop channel, which generally weighs 35% of the total turnover (out of the 65% of the restaurant business), in the months of November and December comes to weigh as much as 45%-50%, demonstrating how Signorvino is now recognized as a real landmark in the city for buying the right bottle for every occasion, especially at Christmas.
It is also interesting to observe the different purchase preferences in the fine wines, in wine shops and at the table. The best-selling fine wines at the wine shop were Marchesi Antinori’s Tignanello, Bertani’s Amarone della Valpolicella, Guardo al Tasso’s Bolgheri Rosso (Marchesi Antinori), Trentodoc Giulio Ferrari Riserva del Fondatore Ferrari and Tenuta San Guido’s Sassicaia. At the table, the top five include Trentodoc Giulio Ferrari Riserva del Fondatore Ferrari, Giuseppe Quintarelli’s Valpolicella Classico Superiore, Tenuta dell’Ornellaia Frescobaldi’s Le Serre Nuove dell’Ornellaia, Marchesi Antinori’s Tignanello and Monte Rossa’s Franciacorta Cabochon.

“Ten years ago we turned into reality the desire to launch a chain of wine shops with kitchens that was a model not present in the Italian territory. Over time, from a chain, we have become a solid brand. A brand that carries forward the dynamic of wine at the center, an inclusive, non-boutique wine bar, a place to learn about and experience wine. We welcome the non-expert as well as the expert. It is an all-around open place, a place for everyone. The results this year have been positive, we always notice an increasing interest in wine but we are convinced that we can still improve. Finally, the upcoming openings abroad will allow us to face new stimuli and reach even more important goals”, comments Signorvino general manager Luca Pizzighella. Starting with foreign expansion, a long-stated goal, with Paris in the crosshairs, the most ambitious goal of Sandro Veronesi’s strategy, which also targets southern Italy and then Poland and the Czech Republic.

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