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Signorvino, beyond the wine shop the B2B, and signs the wines of the Poke House chain

In the premises of Europe’s leading poke chain, private label wines by Signorvino: Hollywood (white), Napa (red) and Malibu (rosé)
The wines of Poke House by Signorvino

In addition to the new sales shops (the latest just a stone’s throw from the Arena in Verona, the next ones in Milan and Turin), the plans of Signorvino, the chain of wine shops created by Sandro Veronesi, patron of Calzedonia, also include the strengthening of its b2b collaborations, in which the group has always been committed to the role of interlocutor for companies that intend to offer their customers a wide-ranging wine list that matches their menus, in a serious and careful activity of wine selection. The direct relationship with the wineries, which has been consolidated for years, makes it possible to realize large-scale projects developed jointly, and also gives Signorvino a new role, that of intermediary for the creation of personalized labels and private labels, for example. There are many managerial figures who have daily contacts with wineries, following directly the production processes, and then identifying the most interesting labels from the Italian wine territories.

Big well-known companies but also very small producers, such as Poke House, Europe’s leading poke chain born in 2018. A successful format that brought Californian-inspired poke to Italy, starting in Milan, it then quickly established itself abroad with more than 50 locations in Italy, Portugal, Spain, France and the UK. Today, Poke House, which speaks to a heterogeneous group of consumers in search of food and wine peculiarities and combinations able to enhance the characteristics of their dishes, chooses to enhance its proposal by offering in its premises private label wines made by Signorvino. The result, born also from the creativity of Poke House, are three wines whose names refer to as many iconic places in California: Hollywood (white), Napa (red) and Malibu (rosé).

“Signorvino has always wanted to be a new and different channel for the sale of Italian wine. The direct relationship we have with our suppliers and collaborators allows us to give life to important projects such as the one we created with Poke House: selecting an organic winery (our supplier) and together creating an ad hoc product for the renowned Poke chain. It was a “four-handed” job between creativity and product development that brought us both satisfaction and we hope it will be the first of many similar collaborations”, comments Federico Veronesi, general manager Signorvino.

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