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Signorvino launches a message to made in Italy: confirm all openings in 2020

There are five new stores: two in Milan and Rome, but also the first in Parma. Pizzighella: “positive message to the community and the cities”
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A Signorvino store

The COVID-19 does not stop Signorvino's ambitions, which confirms all the new store openings already planned and sends, at the same time, a message of trust and optimism to Made in Italy and the outside world: there will be five stores (two in Milan and Rome and one in Parma) that will enrich a “fleet” that already has 16 stores throughout the country with a turnover of 35 million euros (including wine and food), over 1. 500 Italian and foreign labels and a team of 300 people who, every day, interface with more or less young wine lovers or simple wine consumers. Here are the numbers of the only wine chain in Italy, founded by “mister Calzedonia” Sandro Veronesi (with his son Federico Veronesi) and directed by Luca Pizzighella.
Numbers that will soon increase thanks to the two new Milanese stores (Navigli and Corso Como area) that are being completed, the one in Parma in the “La Galleria” shopping mall just a stone's throw from the historic center and, in the autumn, the store in Piazza Barberini in Rome to which a second one will be added in the new shopping center in the Laurentina area. All of Signorvino's shops, as well as those of the entire Group, were closed before the government’s measures, to protect customers and employees. “The construction sites are obviously at a standstill now - says Luca Pizzighella, Brand Manager of Signorvino - but we are confident that we can resume work as soon as possible, not only to be able to continue with our projects but also to give a positive message to the community and the cities in which we are present. Investing and continuing to believe in Made in Italy at such a dramatic time we are sure that it can also have ethical and social value, as well as a concrete economic impact, just think of the new need for employees that we will have in the cities involved”.
On the other hand, even before this emergency, the implementation of delivery was already among Signorvino’s priorities, with tests scheduled for April in Milan. For e-commerce in a few months will be developed a sales system in line with the style of the stores to open the channel at the end of May. All this following the philosophy of always concerning the customer that embraces three key concepts: experientiality, direct communication and the ability to advise the end consumer helping him to juggle the choice of the right label. The openness to online sales, in the company’s strategies, is seen as an additional tool that will allow reaching an increasingly large and heterogeneous audience without distorting the mission, always aimed at promoting Italian wine.
“After having lived, unexpectedly, such a sad period - continues Luca Pizzighella - we hope that the sense of unity that has pervaded us in these weeks will remain even afterward as a more supportive approach to each other. The concept of Italianness as a distinctive sign and added value must be strengthened, a vision that has always distinguished our Signorvino brand - 100% Italian wines and in which we have shown we believe since the beginning of the project. A glass drunk in good company will strengthen the meaning of sharing, a value that takes on a deeper role today. I can also say that as brand manager of Signorvino I was impressed by the demonstration of attachment to the company and the brand of our employees: we are in touch with them every day; they are the first to be proactive and intent to carry on everything that can continue or be remotely planned. The store’s wine specialists are also making their contribution, for example, with live coverage on Instagram to advise our consumers and holding online refresher courses for chefs and waiters with the support of the chain’s trainers”.

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