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Simplification decree: news for wine, starting from how to achieve DOCG

The Simplification decree published in the Official Gazette on September 14 introduced many changes that the majority of the supply chain appreciates
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The Conero vineyards overlooking the sea, in the Marche Region

The new article number 33 of the Consolidated Wine Law, which governs the recognition of wines with a Controlled and Guaranteed Designation of Origin, reads as follows: “Recognition of DOCG is reserved for wines that have been designated as DOC for at least 7 years, considered of exceptional value, because of their intrinsic quality characteristics and their acquired commercial reputation, and which have been claimed, in the last two years, by at least 66%, implied as an average, of those who manage vineyards and are registered in the vineyard register referred to in Article 8, which represent at least 66% of the total area declared in the vineyard register, suitable for claiming the relative denomination and which, in the last 5 years, have been certified and bottled by 51% of authorized experts, representing at least 66% of the certified production of the DOC”. This is one of the innovations the “Simplification Decree”, converted into law, and published yesterday in the Official Gazette, has introduced. Only one of the changes, also regarding aspects related to the Single Register of Inspection Controls (RUCI), times and methods of prior notification and institution’s revisions of the administrative notice. In addition, regulations to manage handling and bottling of PDO and PGI wines in the event of any further lockdowns, also specific to the harvest period, which normally starts from July 15th instead of August 1st, and more.
The majority of the representatives of the supply chain (Unione Italiana Vini, Federvini, Federdoc, Assoenologi, Confagricoltura, CIA Agricoltori Italiani, Alleanza delle Cooperative Italiane and Copagri), greatly appreciates the changes, explained a joint note, and especially referred to “the path to achieving DOCG to further enhance this category, which consumers all over the world have recognized. They also appreciate the additional forms of innovation, specifically in the field of labeling and presentation, communications, surveillance agents, and the harvest period, and thank the government and the Agriculture Commissions of the Chamber of Deputies and Senate of the Republic for their acceptance and support of the demands of the production world. It is our great hope that these changes are not considered a final goal, rather, a stimulus to continue an open and insightful dialogue between the institutions and the supply chain to help the sector overcome the challenges of the moment”.

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