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Sparkling wines are growing, “still” wines dominate and will continue to dominate the world market

Estimates from Statista: in 2025 turnover for “still” wines will reach 458 billion US dollars, out of the wine business’ total 528 billion US dollars

In the world wine market scenario, everyones attention is focused on the growth of sparkling wines. But “still” wines continue to take the lion’s share and will continue to do so, at least in the short term. According to the statistics company, Statista estimates, in 2021 the world wine market would have moved around 381 billion US dollars. “Still” wines made 327 billion US dollars (compared to 292 billion US dollars in 2020), bubbles made 41 billion US dollars on the market (compared to 36 billion US dollars in 2020) while the more and more marginal fortified wines almost 13 billion US dollars (compared to slightly more than 11 billion in 2020).
In the next few years, growth is expected in each segment; however, the gap will be in favor of “still” whites, reds and rosés, which seem certain to increase further, compared to all the others. According to the estimates of the “Statista Consumer Market Outlook”, “still wines” will reach 458 billion US dollars in turnover in 2025, out of a total of 528 billion US dollars. Sparkling wines will also keep growing, reaching 55 billion euros in value, and the picture of fortified wines should also be positive, as they should reach 16 billion euros.
These numbers must be taken with a grain of salt, as usual, when it comes to market estimates, especially in this period when the Pandemic can radically and quite abruptly change scenarios. And, especially when it comes to a luxury product, like wine, which like all luxury products is not immune to fashions. In any case, and in their own way, they restore a dimension in the general framework in which world wine producers and traders move. It is an increasingly complex, crowded and competitive market, and in the next few months, on the global level, it will also have to deal with sharp increases in production and distribution costs that will not spare any sector of the economy and the market.

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