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Starred chef Martina Caruso del Signum in Salina is Chef Donna 2019 for Michelin

The young chef awarded in the evening of the Atelier des Grandes Dames, the association supported by Veuve Clicquot, which joins 16 great female chefs
The young chef Martina Caruso, from Signum in Salina, photographed by Lido Vannucchi

Despite the fact that in ancient tradition up to the present day, cooking and kitchen have always been “women’s stuff”, in the world of haute cuisine there are many more men’s chefs. For thousands of years, women have historically been the guardians of the culinary tradition, which have made possible the survival of regional cuisine: so why is their role in the Michelin-starred cuisine still underestimated?
In any case, the chefs who make haute cuisine their world are there: in 2016, 16 of them created the Atelier des Grandes Dames, different women, but united by the same fundamental values, namely strength, empathy, concreteness and the desire to bring out and support all the potential of female talent in haute cuisine. Moreover, as in previous years, also in 2019 the network created by the Maison Veuve Clicquot, one of the most prestigious Maison of Champagne, gathered them all in Milan, yesterday, at the evening-occasion to talk about the role of femininity in the kitchen.
In addition, for the third year, the Maison has continued its partnership with Michelin for the Premio Michelin Chef Donna 2019, which this year awarded Martina Caruso, a Michelin star at the Signum restaurant in Salina, Sicily: a young, determined and delicate chef, who expresses all the sunshine of her island in her cuisine.

As every year, therefore, the protagonists of the evening are only and exclusively women: the desire of Veuve Clicquot is precisely that these women become aware of the fundamental importance of their approach to the world of haute cuisine, that they have behind them a system that can support them and that recognizes their ability to show off their skills in the life of creative entrepreneurs and the life of women, with all that comes with it.

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