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Starting in 2021, Italian wine will have its own Italian Wine Capital, each year a different one

The Cities of Wine launched the idea, “to give widespread visibility to each territory and the wine chain”
Monteriggioni: the Cities of Wine launch the Italian Wine Capital

In Italy, every year a different city becomes the Italian Capital of Culture (which in 2020 and 2021 is and will be Parma, a year more than normal due to the Covid-19 Pandemic). Wine is also culture, as we all know, therefore, in a country where the vine is a characteristic feature of the landscape and wine has been produced for centuries from north to south, it would logically follow to establish an Italian Wine Capital every year. This gap will finally be filled starting in 2021, on an idea from ​​the Cities of Wine that launched its proposal during the national assembly in Monteriggioni, halfway between Siena and Florence, the capital of Chianti Classico (in memory of Paolo Benvenuti, historian and general manager who passed away in February 2020).
It would be an annual recognition that will put a Municipality and its territory at the center of communications. The intent, as the Association (that unites 430 Municipalities of wine), led by Floriano Zambon, explained, is to give widespread visibility every year to a territory through events and activities which are part of the ordinary calendar of initiatives, with specific events dedicated in particular to the wine supply chain and the Cities of Wine.
Nominations are open and based on the announcement of the European Wine Capital of Recevin, the European Network of Wine Cities, which rotates Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and other European wine-growing communities.
The latest example in Italy was Sannio Falanghina European City of Wine 2019, which for an entire year turned the spotlight on the wine-growing territory of Sannio.

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