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Stocks, in July in the cellars of the Belpaese 42 million hectoliters of wine: +1.8% on 2019

According to Icqrf data, in Veneto almost a quarter of the production, among the denominations leads Prosecco, with 2.5 million hectolitres
The emergency distillation application decree has been published

On 29 July 2020, there were 42 million hectoliters of wine, 3.6 million hectoliters of must, and 35,271 hectoliters of new wine still in fermentation in the cellars of the Belpaese. On 31 July 2019, there was an increase in stocks of 1.8% for wines and a reduction of 4.4% for must and 68% for wines in fermentation. Stock figures are down compared to 22 July 2020: -1.8% for wines, -6.0% for musts, and -13.7% for wines in fermentation. Here, in summary, the latest update of Cantina Italia signed by Icqrf. Over 57% of the wine is physically held in the northern regions: in Veneto alone, there is almost a quarter of all national wine, namely 10.1 million hectoliters (and even 26.3% of PDO and PGI production), mainly thanks to the significant contribution of stocks in the provinces of Verona (9.6%) and Treviso (9.1%), which hold more wine (7.9 million hectoliters) than Puglia and Sicily added together (6.4 million hectoliters). In the Tuscan wineries we find 14.7% of PDO and PGI wines (4.8 million hectoliters), in Piedmont 8.9% (2.9 million hectoliters) and in Puglia 7.9% (2.6 million hectoliters). For generic wines, the largest share is held by Emilia Romagna (24.4%), equal to 2.2 million hectoliters, then Veneto (16.1%, 1.4 million hectoliters) and Puglia (15.3%, 1.4 million hectoliters). 52.6% of the wine held is PDO with a prevalence of red (56.8%). 25.7% of the wine is in PGI, also in this case with a prevalence of red (57.6%), while varietal wines make up only 1.5% of the total. The remaining 20.2% is made up of other wines. Despite a large number of denominations present (526), 10 denominations make up 38.7% of the total number of wines with a denomination still in the cellar, and the first 20 represent more than half of the total number of wines with a denomination (55.5%). Among the denominations, Prosecco represents 7.7% of stocks (2.5 million hectoliters), IGT Toscana for 4.3% (1.4 million hectoliters), IGT Puglia for 3.7% (1.2 million hectoliters), Chianti for 3.6% (1.2 million hectoliters), Montepulciano d'Abruzzo for 3.6% (1.9 million hectoliters).

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