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Tavernello celebrates its first 40 years: an all-Italian phenomenon by Caviro

The new TV commercial for the iconic brick wine, in which the focus is on the environment and the land, but especially on the people who produce it

It is the best-selling Italian wine in the world, exported to 46 countries, a marketing success that has never halted its rise and has been the favorite of families in Italy since 1983: Tavernello, the iconic brick wine and flagship brand of Cantine Caviro, Italy’s largest wine cooperative, is about to celebrate its first 40 years, and it is celebrating them with a new TV commercial. To tell the story of the Tavernello phenomenon, it is necessary to start first of all with the numbers: each harvest, as many as 12,000 winegrowers, for a total of 36,000 hectares of vineyards, bring their grapes to the social reference wineries, guaranteeing that they belong to a traced and integrated supply chain. Then, thanks to the 27 member wineries, coordinated by a team of 50 winemakers, Tavernello was born, along with other brands under the Cantine Caviro aegis (with a turnover of 390 million euros in 2021).
In the new commercial, “All the World Around”, the emphasis is on attention to the environment and the territory, but above all on respect for people and human values. “We have always worked to affirm our production reality, as a company that is attentive, respectful and capable of creating not only a quality wine but also a circular economy system for all our members”, says Benedetto Marescotti, Caviro marketing director. “There is a concrete and value-based world behind Tavernello. In this film there are the winemakers, agronomists, and enologists who, vintage after vintage, have given life to the most chosen Italian wine in the world”.
The spot highlights the integrated supply chain and the virtuous system of circular economy, from vineyard to vineyard, that certifies with 3E Equalitas Cantine Caviro as a “Sustainable Winery”. It is enough to mention that, thanks to its subsidiary Caviro Extra Spa, the company is engaged in the recovery of by-products derived from the wine and food supply chain, which are transformed into noble products for food, pharmaceuticals and agriculture and into biomethane.

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