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Tenuta San Guido: thanks to law enforcement. For years we have been investing against counterfeiting

At WineNews the comment of the managing director, Alessandro Berlingieri: “timely intervention that makes us feel protected and proud to be Italian”
The Sassicaia of Tenuta San Guido, myth of Italian wine

The potentially millionaire scam foiled by the Italian Finance Police in Florence against one of the legendary wines of Italy, the Sassicaia of the Tenuta San Guido of the Incisa della Rocchetta family - which, together with the director Carlo Paoli, has been investing in all the best tools to guarantee the authenticity of its bottles for years - has caused a sensation, of course, with the police forces that have blocked, before they entered the market, more than a thousand cases of the most famous Italian wine in the world. A timely intervention, which stimulates the comment, in WineNews, of the managing director of Tenuta San Guido, Alessandro Berlingieri: “I must say that, in the negativity of this news, there is also an opportunity to express the pride of being Italian and to thank the Finance Police for the fantastic work they did, a very prompt intervention that stopped everything before the fake product arrived on the market. In this there is the certainty of feeling protected by the police against counterfeiting, to protect brands but also the health of consumers, and it must be a source of pride for us Italians. And then, there is the pride of being part - adds Berlingieri - of a team that is very attentive to the quality of the product and the detail, to the details that are visible and also to those that are invisible or not very visible, if not for very expert eyes, to be able to identify the product and diversify it from what can be a counterfeit. It is a job that we have been doing for years now, with great care and attention, at the will of the director Carlo Paoli and the Incisa della Rocchetta family”
A work that leads to a total traceability of the bottles of Sassicaia. “We know exactly, of each bottle, all the way from the grapes to the consumer's table and traceability - underlines Berlingieri - it’s been years that all the techniques and possibilities there are, a subject on which the director Carlo Paoli is very attentive. And there is, however, the pride to see that Sassicaia is a very well known brand in the world”.

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