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Terra Moretti: Vittorio Moretti cedes the presidency to his daughter Francesca

Changing of the guard at the top of one of the most prestigious and leading Italian wine companies: 1.154 hectares in Franciacorta, Tuscany, Sardinia

Vittorio Moretti, one of the greats of Italian wine, in just over 40 years, starting in Franciacorta where he is considered one of the noble fathers, has built one of the most prestigious Italian wine Groups. It is a small, but highly esteemed empire, in the regions of Lombardy, Tuscany and Sardinia. The Group boasts a turnover of 65 million euros, 8.5 million bottles produced, 548 employees, and 1.154 hectares of vineyards divided into six wineries, built from scratch or acquired: Bellavista, Contadi Castaldi in Franciacorta; Petra Suvereto, Acquagiusta Tenuta La Badiola in Maremma and Teruzzi in San Gimignano, and Sella & Mosca in Sardinia. Now, it is time for a change at the top management of that kingdom. Vittorio Moretti (who will still be president of the Holding Terra Moretti, engaged in building and hospitality at the highest level, such as L’ Albereta in Franciacorta and L’ Andana in Maremma, ed.) has decided to delegate the scepter of the Terra Moretti Vino Group to his daughter, Francesca, his second child, oenologist and active in the wine sector since 1997, as well as CEO since 2016. She will have one of the most experienced Italian wine managers, Massimo Tuzzi, at her side.
Vittorio Moretti had been meditating this generational change for some time, and it has now become reality. “Francesca is ready”, stated Vittorio Moretti,
“she has completed all the necessary training. She has more than twenty years of experience, four of those as CEO, in which she coordinated acquisitions from Campari in 2017, and has created her team over the years. Now it is right that she take my place. I am sure she will be the guardian of my corporate vision and guarantee the wineries competence, innovation and modernity. I will finally be able to devote myself full time to the countryside, investments and our wine heritage. I really wanted to have alongside Francesca, Massimo Tuzzi, a young manager, very well prepared who has had long experience in Italy and abroad, and in recent years, he has brought added value to the companies he has worked for. I am sure that together they will create a winning team”.
“The President. I almost find it hard to pronounce it”, said Francesca Moretti, “because the President is and remains Vittorio Moretti, for me and for our collaborators. But it seems that today it is my turn. My father has decided to entrust me with the strategic reins of the wine sector and I am greatly honored. Over the years, I have always been very active in the company, and today I have been asked to be a witness to the vision and mission of the company. I have also been asked to manage institutional relationships and represent our brands in Italy and around the world, but above all, to preserve and spread our company philosophy. It is a great challenge and, on the one hand it scares me because my father is a difficult model to emulate, but on the other, I know that all this will let me put my studies and the skills I have acquired over the years, to good use. Today, as President and Family representative, I will have to write our piece of history for our wineries together with my sisters. I will have to trace my path while proudly continuing his. I leave all operational management to our new CEO Massimo Tuzzi, and I know it is in excellent hands. He will bring great value to our Group, and we will face the challenge of the future and win it together ”.
Massimo Tuzzi will be beside Francesca Moretti. He is a manager, and originally from Friuli, 47 years old, but already has a long, high-level career behind him. He has lived and worked in diverse companies in his professional career, in Brazil, the US, London and Shanghai. “It is an honor for me to support Francesca in her role as President. I thank Vittorio for the trust he has placed in me. The family business has more than solid foundations to start from. My mandate”, explained Tuzzi, will see human capital at the center of the project, and we will begin to build our future right now. We want the Terra Moretti Vino Group to be not only one of the leaders in the sector within ten years, but also to represent a model of excellence, beauty and all-Italian know-how. Special thanks to Mrs. Mariella, Carmen and Valentina Moretti. Thanks also to our partners from Nuo Capital”.

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