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“Territorial” patronage: Antinori will restore the land for civic use on the Capraia island

One of the most prestigious companies of Italian wine will recover the terraces of the former Agricultural Penal Colony, for the local community
The terraces of Capraia, which will be transformed into vineyards by Antinori

Island of the Tuscan Archipelago that “looks” towards Bolgheri, Capraia, in the province of Livorno, as well as Bolgheri, is famous for its sea and severe landscape, and for having been for more than a century, between 1873 and 1986, an Agricultural Penal Colony, an ante litteram project for the recovery and reintegration of prisoners into society, via agricultural work. An island where viticulture has been present for a long time, with typical and widespread varieties in the Archipelago such as, for example, Aleatico and Vermentino, on which small wineries have invested, and where one of the most important names in Italian wine is now about to arrive. Not for business, but for a “territorial patronage”, landscape, and social project. That is Antinori, who, in Capraia, looks from the Bolgheri vineyards of his Tenuta Guado al Tasso, and who, in agreement with the Municipality of Capraia, from what WineNews learns, will manage terraced land intended for civic use (i.e. for the benefit of the local community), which will be restored, with the greatest care of the environmental aspect, and where a vineyard will be planted afterward. Its wine will not be anything luxurious and exclusive, but a small gift, a contribution to the care of the Island of Capraia that the historic Tuscan wine family, now in its 26th generation, wanted to do to the territory.

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