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The 19 subareas of Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco told in a book

The territory of the bubbles that are born among the UNESCO World Heritage Hills towards the zoning with the study of the features of the terroir
The vineyard hills of Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco

Susegana, Conegliano - Feletti, Conegliano - Ogliano, Colle Umberto, Fregona, Col San Martino, Rolle and Combai in the eastern area, Scandolere - Molere, Follo - Santo Stefano - Guia, Strada Guia - Vidor, Madonna delle Grazie, Cartizze Est, Cartizze Ovest, Cartizze Alto, Campion, San Vito - Bigolino, Valdobbiadene - San Pietro (under road) and Parte alta Valdobbiadene - Guia in the western area: here are the 19 subzones of Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco, identified and told in “I Terroirs del Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco. Studio sull'origine della qualità nelle Colline Patrimonio Unesco”, the volume (presented today) edited by researchers Federica Gaiotti and Diego Tomasi, who have updated the studies and analyses on one of the most precious Italian wine-growing areas, obtaining distinctive specificities for each sub-area, through 19 stories, as many as the sub-areas analysed. In each of them, the winemaker can find the characteristic traits of the single plot, which can restore the right authority to the vineyard and thus break the homogeneity of the Designation.
The aim, in the wake of the many works carried out in recent years in other prestigious territories, from Langhe to Soave, in the direction of the zoning, is to restore relevance to each fragment of the territory of the Designation by highlighting the peculiarities of each and illustrating every aspect, the morphological, cultural and traditional agricultural aspects, which have led winemakers to manage the territory in a different way and always adapted to the individual plot. The entire study is based on experiences, experiments, measurements, but also traditions and material and human factors that contribute in a decisive way to the quality of grapes and wine: everything that, expanding the meaning, makes the terroir.
“This study confirms that the place of origin of wine is an integral and inalienable part of its value and undermines the theory of the “primacy of the vine” which gives it the greatest weight and responsibility in determining the qualitative result of a glass of wine”, explains Innocente Nardi, the president of the Consortium. “The work carried out by Gaiotti and Tomasi researchers contributes to marking in an increasingly consistent way that path of value that we as a Consortium have been pursuing for years”. “There is no other territory in Italy that has been studied and studied in such detail in order to respect and believe in its future”, say Diego Tomasi and Federica Gaiotti. “We hope that the reading will reveal the difficulty of the winemaker’s work, especially in inaccessible areas, where work is only allowed to skilled and experienced hands without the aid of mechanical means. Awareness of this role implies commitment and knowledge and is a sign of a future vision that is indispensable for a terroir as distinguished and prestigious as Conegliano Valdobbiadene Docg. This terroir is among the few to have obtained UNESCO recognition, therefore it is a unique terroir and as such must be studied and known, but above all protected”.

Focus - The terroir of Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore Docg
The cultivation of the vine is an activity that over the centuries has engaged man and with him has created stories of knowledge and landscapes. The visual impact of the landscapes of the Designation, which has touched and inspired poets such as Andrea Zanzotto, becomes part of the cultural roots of the people of these hills and synonymous with the quality and cultural value of wine. From this immense human heritage comes the terroir, the unique and unmistakable characteristics of Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore Docg, and in general considering all our heritage, the great value of Italian viticulture takes shape and consistency, not imitable and not transferable. The uniqueness of wine lies not only in the vine but also in a set of factors that find harmony in a territory of origin. The soil and climate characteristics, the viticultural technique, history, traditions and daily life are the cornerstones on which the typicality and qualitative value of the rest of our enological production. All this contributes to differentiate our wines, protecting them from the competition of the most recent viticulture, from their aggressiveness without the weight of tradition and historical culture.
The beauty of the Conegliano Valdobbiadene Designation is firmly anchored in the history of the places. Winegrowers must be the first to recognize the uniqueness of their vineyards and take care that this beauty continues to be so. The preservation of the landscape implies its knowledge and is never antagonistic to technical progress. Conservation of the landscape and progress are issues that must be expressed in unison and from now on be considered the only goals to be pursued in order to maintain the success of this denomination.

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