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The “Abruzzo revolution” continues with “Trabocco”, the collective brand of Spumante Doc

The Consorzio dei Vini d’Abruzzo presents a new project related to sparkling wines from native grape varieties using the Italian Method

A land of reds, whites and rosés, one of the most recent innovations for the Abruzzo of wine is the successful production of sparkling wines from native grapes, from the most widespread ones to those that are gaining increasing appreciation in the markets-from Trebbiano to Pecorino, from Passerina to Cococciola and Montonico, and Montepulciano for the rosé version-to which producers are devoting great attention and investment, on the wave of the ever-rising consumption trend for the type (whose production in Italy is close to 1 billion bottles in 2022 at +4% over 2021, is driving exports with 5.2 million hectoliters exported up +6%, and is also beloved by Italians, with domestic consumption accounting for 13.5% of total wine; source: UIV-Unione Italian Vini-Vinitaly Observatory). This is a trend that the Consorzio di Tutela Vini d’Abruzzo has decided to ride by creating the collective brand “Spumante d’Abruzzo Doc Trabocco”: a name, a symbol of one of the Region’s “monumental heritage” beauties, the ancient fishing machine typical of the Costa dei Trabocchi, compared by Gabriele D’Annunzio to “colossal spiders” and described in the tragedy “Il Trionfo della Morte” as “machines that seemed to live of their own life” by the great Abruzzo poet.
In 2018, a path is launched to enhance the relationship of this product with the territory, culminating in the birth of the collective brand “Trabocco” - registered in 2020 - an iconic symbol of the region recognized worldwide, which aims to enhance the sparkling wines produced with the Italian Method in Abruzzo from native grapes such as Passerina, Pecorino, Trebbiano, Montonico, Cococciola and Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, characterized by high aciditỳ and low alcohol content, two qualities that make them unique and give excellent sparkling wine bases.
“Our grapes are naturally predisposed to sparkling wine, and there is now a need to bring to the markets a product that is totally Abruzzese, made from our vines, vinified and bottled in the region and that carries an extremely identifying name”, explains Alessandro Nicodemi president of Consorzio Vini d’Abruzzo, “since July last year, in fact, the regulation of the use of the collective brand “Trabocco” has been approved, which circumscribes the possibility of using it only for sparkling wines produced with the Italian Method and, above all, with the exclusive use of our native grapes”. In the current reorganization of production specifications, a number of variants have been introduced that have added the possibility of specifying the grape variety of origin (Pecorino, Passerina, Montonico and Cococciola) also for the Abruzzo or d’Abruzzo Doc, a very important element for the final consumer. The addition of the collective mark on the label - Spumante d’Abruzzo Doc “Trabocco” - is intended to represent a further step forward in the path of characterization of Abruzzo bubbles, making the product immediately recognizable.
For the moment, obtaining the “Trabocco” brand recognition are the Casal Thaulero, Citra, Eredi Legonziano and Vin.Co wineries, which will soon introduce their Italian Method sparkling wines to the market in white and rosé, Brut and Extra Dry versions. “Several winemakers have begun to invest in this direction”, Nicodemi continues, “and have been offering sparkling wines with good success for a few years now. I believe the road is long, but surely, if traveled with foresight and strategy, excellent results will be achieved and Abruzzo will certainly be able to nominate itself as a producer of sparkling wines as well as a land of great reds”.
One of the most representative and identifying symbols of Abruzzo, the Trabocco, was chosen for the naming and logo, precisely because it is easily memorized and associated with the region. In support of this project, by the work of the Consortium, a communication campaign aimed at professionals in the sector and the final consumer will start soon: on the calendar, on June 21, there is the event open to the public “Perlage d’Abruzzo”, staged in more than 50 premises that will take part in the initiative, and then in July a major wine educational (with Italian and foreign media) on the territory to discover the “Trabocco Spumante d'Abruzzo Doc”.

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