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The most “extreme” wine? Passito di Pantelleria, Italian champion at the “Mondial des Vins Extrêmes”

Aosta Valley is the region with the most heroic wines, Mathieu Betemps and Elena Patrone are their “heroes”, Carignano del Sulcis is the most original
Passito di Pantelleria is the world’s best “extreme” wine for Cervim

The most “extreme” wine? Basile’s Passito di Pantelleria Doc Shamira, Italian champion with the “Cervim Grand Prize” for the best overall score, and also crowned with the “Cervim Small Islands Prize”, at the “Mondial des Vins Extrêmes” of Cervim - Center for Research, Studies, Safeguarding, Coordination and Valorization for Mountain Viticulture, at edition no. 30 staged in Turin. And for which the region with the largest number of heroic wines in the world is Valle d’Aosta, crowned with the “Mondial Vins Extremes Award”, and where they look to the future with vignerons such as Mathieu Betemps, at the helm of the winery that bears his name in Saint Christophe and “Cervim Future Award”.
But also with wineries such as Cave des Onze Communes in Aymavilles, “Special Cervim Award” for Italy, alongside France, with Terres des Templiers in Banyuls sur Mer in the Eastern Pyrenees, Germany, with Reis - Feine Weine! Weingut in Briedel in the Mosel, to Spain, with Bodega el Grifo in San Bartolomé in Lanzarote in the Canary Islands, and to Switzerland, with St. Jodern Kellerei in Visperteminen in Canton Valais. And whose Valle d’Aosta Doc Muscat Petit Grains Fletri 2020 is also among the “Cervim Excellence Awards” for Italy, alongside France, with the Aoc Banyuls Grand Cru Président Henry Vidal 2008 also from Terres Des Templiers, to Germany, with the Raffinesse Reserve 2017 again from Reis - Feine Weine! Weingut, to Spain, with the Doc Gran Canaria Blanco 2021 from Bodega Las Tirajanas in San Bartolome’ de Tirajana in Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands, and to Switzerland with the 2019 Aoc Valais Heida Veritas also from St. Jodern Kellerei. But also Italian are the “heroine” of extreme wines, Elena Patrone, from the winery that bears her name in Cortemilia in Piedmont and “Cervim Woman Award”, and the most original of the “heroic” labels, the 2019 Carignano del Sulcis Doc Riserva Santomoro from Vigne Bentesali in Sant'Antioco, Sardinia, “Cervim Original Award”. The best extreme organic wine is produced in Switzerland, the Aoc Valais Syrah Cuvee St Gothard 2019 from Domaine Mettaz in Fully in Canton Valais, “Cervim Bio Prize”, and the “Vinofed 2022 Prize” goes to Slovenia, with the Goriška Brda Chardonnay Bagueri 2018 from Klet Brda in Dobrovo.
If the heroic winemakers who were protagonists of the “Mondial des Vins Extrêmes” came from all over the world, for Italy there are 15 overall medaled regions with Italy at the top of the medal table, among the 23 “Grand Gold Medals”, 181 “Gold Medals” and 61 “Silver Medals” awarded among 831 participating labels and 301 wineries from 24 countries of the world by international tasting technicians.
Emerging, for Cervim President Stefano Celi, “is once again an increasingly high level of excellence, with great diversity of grape varieties that translate in the glass into wines with unique flavors. So much quality that is increasingly appreciated by Italian and foreign wine lovers”.
In particular among Italian regions, after Valle d’Aosta (19 Medals), the regions with the most extreme wines awarded are Sicily and Lombardy (16), Trentino and Veneto (14) , Tuscany (13), Liguria (10), Campania (8), Alto Adige (7), Piedmont (6),
Calabria and Sardinia (5), Lazio and Molise (2) and Marche (1). Among the countries of the world, however, Italy (138 Medals), Spain (38), Switzerland (28), Germany (12), France (10), Portugal (6), Cyprus (5), Argentina (5), Slovenia, Georgia and Greece (4), Malta, Brazil and the United States (2), Slovakia, State of Palestine, Moldova and Ukraine (1) follow.

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