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“The success of Italian wine is a reminder that we need open markets”, said Mattarella

The President of the Republic stated, “Wine brings us back to the roots of our civilization. It is the fruit of nature and the work of many people”
“The success of Italian wine is a reminder that we need open markets”, said Mattarella

“Wine brings us back to the roots of our civilization, to the land. It affects many aspects of our lives, history, literature, culture and economy, aspects that narrate how wine is an excellent product of Italy, which is not only the result of nature, but also the great capability of a large community of workers and of the professionalism appreciated all over the world, and which requires the knowledge of the territories, of traditions, but also of modern research”, said the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, in Rome at the eleventh edition of the “International Wine Culture Forum”, organized by the Italian Sommelier Foundation led by Franco Ricci.
This is yet another testimony from the head of State, confirming his esteem for one of the leading sectors of the Italian economy, agricultural, and not only. It is the true standard bearer of Made in Italy around the world, “thanks to quality and diversity, and to the values it communicates”.
Wine, as Mattarella stated, offers the opportunity to reflect on current events, “the value of time, in this age of "eternal present", and world dynamics, “in this era where we are chasing ideas of new barriers and new duties. Italian wine, like and more than other sectors, thanks to its success all over the world, shows that its producers need open markets, which they are capable of addressing because they have the courage to compete in hard and open competition, and because they have quality to win. All economies and all countries have everything to gain from open markets, which true for Italy, too. There are international treaties that regulate business relationships to make sure competition is fair and correct. And, the great success of wine is here as a constant reminder”.

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