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The vaccination campaign in wineries: La Guardiense and Cantina di Solopaca are the first

The two cooperatives are the first corporate vaccination hubs against Covid. UECOOP: “starting in the wine world has a fundamental symbolic value”

The vaccination campaign has arrived in wineries, and cooperatives are at the forefront. The wine cooperatives, La Guardiense and Cantina di Solopaca, in the Benevento area, are the first large Italian wineries, which over the past few hours, have become vaccination hubs in the campaign to defeat Covid-19. The two wineries mark the path that has opened up the possibility of vaccinating in companies at a national level. Starting to vaccinate in the wine sector, the Italian product of excellence that binds all of Italy, from North to South, also has an important symbolic value, as UECOOP, the European Union of Cooperatives, pointed out, and of which the two new companies are members. The wine cooperative sector, from which more than 1 bottle of wine in 2 (58%) is distributed in Italy, said UECOOP, reached a turnover of 4.9 billion euros in the year of the Covid-19 emergency. Furthermore, in the wine sector, which has suffered deeply due to the closure of restaurants, “despite the Pandemic emergency, the over 400 wineries in Italian cooperatives have registered substantial stability in their turnovers”, explained UECOOP, “thanks to the increase in sales on the shelves of mass retail distribution, and the growth of exports, in contrast to the rest of the sector, which instead suffered on foreign markets”. Now, however, the infections from the virus are decreasing and giving us hope for a rapid recovery, thanks to the progress of the vaccination campaign with the wine cooperatives, which”, emphasized UECOOP, “have made indoor and outdoor spaces available to the Government and the Extraordinary Commissioner for the General Emergency, Francesco Paolo Figliuolo, to organize “vaccination hotspots”. For almost all the companies (92%)”, UECOOP survey highlighted, at the National level, “the success of the campaign to vaccinate the population is the basis to restarting the economy after months of grief, anguish and damage to the economy due to the Covid-19 emergency. The first sectors to recover in 2021 will be tourism, food and business services, followed by other sectors, such as, real estate, entertainment, sports and apparel, according to the UECOOP survey. The resistance of the wine cooperative sector is also evident on the employment front as 15% of cooperative enterprises”, concluded UECOOP, “in 2021 also plan to hire new staff to be able to better latch on to the recovery that awaits us and the Recovery plan’s substantial investments.

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