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The value of Italian fine wines traded on Liv-Ex grew from 2 to 5 million pounds in 4 years

Tuscan and Piedmont wines take the lion’s share, as always, while “offers for wines from Sardinia, Sicily, Lombardy and Puglia are growing”
Italian fine wines are more and more the stars in the world wine collection market

Italian wine has grown in quality, while price wise it is still far behind its many competitors, especially France and mainly fine wines. It is a long road, but some changes are slowly being made. The Liv-Ex index is the reference platform and, once again, the benchmark for the “fine wine” market.
The reasons Italian wines are popular are the fact that starting in 2010 and to present, the “weight” of the best Italian wines in value traded on the platform increased from 2% to +8.5%, and the number of wines exchanged (since it also considers different years of the same wines, ed.) has grown 1.056%. And also, as the Liv-Ex index explains, the total value of Italian wines traded in 2015 reached 2 million pounds, while already in 2019 it has exceeded 5 million pounds. “This exceptional growth has been driven mainly by "active buyers", which are testimony to the growth in interest of Italian wines”. Thus, the English platform emphasizes, when it comes to Italy and fine wines, the focus is primarily on Tuscany and Piedmont. However, it also pointed out that more and more offers of wines coming from Sardinia, Sicily, Lombardy and Puglia. This is a sign that organic wines in Italy are slowly growing, even on the high end of the range.

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