Consorzio Collio 2024 (175x100)

The wine dedicated to Adriano Galliani, a big name in football and a top player among sports manager

“Condor” is the newest wine to become part of “The Wine of The Champions”, the collection of wines created by Fabio Cordella

Wine and football is a continuing bond, from the green field to the glass. The excellent “team” already has excellent names on the label, and just to name a few, there, with fine names on the label which, just to name a few, Ronaldinho, Amauri, Roberto Carlos, Jankulowski, Materazzi, Frey, Marcio Amoroso, Candela, Cafu, Sneijder, Julio Cesar, Walter Zenga.

The players are fundamental, of course, but so is the role of the sports Manager. In football, one of the greatest of all is Adriano Galliani, whose choices and an incontestable “nose” for finding talent as well as convincing established players, have made the fortune of the Milan Football Club (with which he won practically everything in Italy, and in the world). He is now manager of Monza - different clubs, but that have made history under the leadership of Silvio Berlusconi. And, “Adriano Galliani, the Condor”, is the name of the latest wine included in “The Wine of The Champions”. Fabio Cordella, sports director and wine entrepreneur from Puglia, who has been involved with the most famous faces in football, worldwide for a long time, created the wine production. A bottle of wine is dedicated to each of them, with a personalized label. In the case of Adriano Galliani it could only represent the stylization of the "condor", his famous nickname which is linked to a way of making the transfer market of many important players purchased close to the “gong” at the end of the session.
The initiative includes a red wine and a white wine, namely Negroamaro Rosso PGI Salento, and Fiano Bianco PGI Puglia. It is a solidarity initiative, all proceeds will be donated to the charity, “La Meridiana - Il Paese Ritrovato”.
Many famous footballers have joined the “Fabio Cordella Cantine - Viticulturists since 1911” project, extended also to design. In fact, Della Marta has created for “The Wine of the Champions”, a selection of exclusive works, limited editions and open sets, conceived for the collection world, and dedicated to wine and football enthusiasts.

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