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To Riccardo Cotarella, n. 1 of Italian oenologists, the “Wine Awards 2023” from “Der Feinschmecker”

Lifetime Achievement Award of the prestigious German magazine, to the person who “invented and perfected the profession of global oenologist”
The “Wine Awards 2023” for the career of “Der Feinschmecker” goes to Riccardo Cotarella

“From the Pope to Sting, Riccardo Cotarella invented and perfected the profession of global winemaker and flying winemaker. He and his team have advised countless wineries all over the world, always emphasising their distinct terroir and character rather than grouping them together in terms of taste. With this award, “Der Feinschmecker” recognizes his unique strength and creative work in the world of wine”. For these reasons, Riccardo Cotarella, president of Assoenologi and co-president of Union Internationale des Oenologues, producer on his own with the company founded by him and his brother Renzo, Family Cotarella, today led by their daughters, Dominga, Marta and Errica Cotarella, and among the most important wine consultants of Italy and beyond, was awarded in Hamburg with the “Wine Awards 2023” for lifetime achievement by “Der Feinschmecker”, the reference magazine for the German food and wine scene. An important recognition, which is also a recognition of the Italian wine school, and which goes hand in hand with the “Wine Legend” award given to Maurizio Zanella, visionary pioneer of Franciacorta and soul of Ca' del Bosco, of which he is still president today (although the winery has been under the aegis of the Santa Margherita Group since 1994).
“It is a recognition that makes me proud and provides me with new motivation to continue contributing to oenology and the wine world in general. Receiving career recognition entails not only doing something good but also committing to passing on one’s knowledge, especially in a context like the one we are in. Never before has the scientific approach to our profession been so fundamental, and it will be my task in continuing the profession to try to make them understand, especially young colleagues, the importance of rigour and method, indispensable ingredients, along with passion, to perform our work in the best possible way. Science and passion for the vineyard and profession, for example, are key pillars of the current harvest. A particularly complex harvest due to a climatically challenging season, but we are seeing firsthand that where the technique has been meticulously applied, we have grapes that will yield excellent quality wines.”

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