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Tasca d’Almerita, Salcheto, Alois Lageder awarded with the “Robert Parker Green Emblem”

“Robert Parker Wine Advocate” introduced his award to the most ethical wineries on sustainability, and not only certified wines

Sustainability is a central and crosscutting issue, and it is now ever-present in the wine world. Preserving territories is part of the DNA of ethical wineries, and is also important because the sensitivity of consumers around the world to this universal theme is growing rapidly. Furthermore, it is an increasingly valued topic to those who communicate and judge wines. And, the person considered one of the most authoritative sources in wine criticism worldwide, is no exception. We are talking about “Robert Parker Wine Advocate”, the wine magazine founded by Robert Parker (whose correspondent in Italy is Monica Larner). Today, the magazine is under the Michelin Group umbrella, the leading food guide in the world, which introduced the “Green Stars” to reward the best experiences of sustainable cuisine, and has likewise introduced the “Robert Parker Green Emblem”, a “recognition given to selected wineries that have shown extraordinary determination in the search for ecological practices”. This is edition number 1 of the award. The first 24 wineries from all over the world that received this emblem, include also three excellent and pioneer Italian wine companies, and all three have been working on sustainable viticulture for many years: Alois Lageder, in Alto Adige, Salcheto, in the territory of Nobile di Montepulciano, and Tasca d’Almerita, in Sicily.
“To qualify for this award, a winery may or may not already be certified organic and/or biodynamic. Beyond and above certification, the wine producer must be an extraordinary sustainability advocate who looks towards long-term environmental protection and biodiversity. Receiving the “Robert Parker Green Emblem” signifies that careful consideration has been given to rare and exceptional merits.
Each year, “Robert Parker Wine Advocate” reviewers nominate new candidates from their regions who they deem worthy of the “Robert Parker Green Emblem”. Each appointment is studied and discussed in depth by the editorial group. Once a company has been recognized and honored, all its wines will carry and exhibit the “Robert Parker Green Emblem” in the future”.
Changes in the opposite direction, however, may lead to the revocation of the recognition, explained a note from the “Robert Parker Wine Advocate”. Assigning the recognition, thus, goes beyond the issue, however important, of certification. Furthermore, the magazine has introduced another innovation, namely, the possibility of searching on its own portal certified organic or biodynamic wines, using a special ad hoc filter. This possibility, though, is reserved only for wines certified by third parties (as the magazine has reported, the main organic organizations around the world, including, Ecocert, USDA Organic, BioGro NZ, Australian Certified Organic and EU Organic. The biodynamic companies we refer to are those such as, Demeter and Biodyvin)”.
“We are aware of the growing desire for responsible and environmentally committed viticulture, and to make this information more easily accessible to consumers. The Robert Parker Wine Advocate team shares this vision, which is why we have decided to develop the “Robert Parker Green Emblem”, in order to highlight the wineries that combine the richness of taste and sustainable viticulture. We want to facilitate encounters between these committed winemakers, who are showing us how to respect the environment and exalt the terroirs and vineyards, without compromising the taste and quality of the wines”, explained Nicolas Achard, CEO of Robert Parker Wine Advocate.

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