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Tuscan vineyards are solid at 61.000 hectares, 95.7% designated for Denomination wines

Saccardi told WineNews: “the idea of a single great event of Tuscan wines is still on the table”. The state of the art at “PrimAnteprima” (Florence, February 14th)

The Tuscan vineyard is solid, counting almost 61.000 hectares, of which 95.7% set for Denomination wines, compared to the National average of 65%, while the International panorama registered decreases in 2023. Almost 60% (36.000 hectares) have benefited from the CMO Wine - Restructuring and Reconversion measure, an important Regional measure that also analyzes the average age of the vineyard, where 55% is less than 20 years old. And, here, too, Tuscany is above the National average, which stands at 50%. Tuscan wines boast 58 acknowledged Geographical Indications, of which 52 are PDOs (11 DOCG and 41 DOC) and 6 TGI, covering almost the entire Tuscan vineyard area. Organic farming is also above average: 38% of the vineyard area, compared to 20% on th National level. Regarding domestic consumption, especially on mass retail trade, there have been some slight changes in the identikit of those who buy Tuscan wine. There is greater appreciation in the young, pre-family segment (+3% compared to 2022 and +11% pre-Covid), and families with young children have increased, too, (+6% compared to the previous year). The main buyers (68%), though, are still the over 60s that have medium-high incomes, residing in the Center and North (ISMEA data). In the overall scenario, on the global level, made up of positives and negatives in the wine sector, the Tuscan wine numbers that the Tuscan Region has revealed in advance, will be explored in greater depth at “PrimAnteprima” in Florence (February 14, Chamber of Commerce), the opening day-event of the “Week of Previews of Tuscan Wines”. It is the event where new vintages are presented to the media and wine lovers, and an opportunity to take stock of production and trends, markets and exports of Made in Tuscany.
It is definitely a challenging moment, given that climate change has greatly affected production quantity, which this year will ultimately register around 20-25% decrease. Quality, however, will be maintained on a high level, as it is made almost entirely from Designation of Origin wines”, Stefania Saccardi, the Vice President and Councilor for Agri-food of the Tuscan Region, told WineNews, “the measures we need to push for to lend a hand to businesses are promotion, and the Previews help especially smaller companies at the National and International level, and also technological innovation, which we have included in the new CSR programming”. As far as an institutional observatory that brings order to data and has certain data to analyze the market and plan, is concerned, “why not” Saccardi said, “it is an idea to think about”, alongside the numbers monitored through those who make use of public demand. The Previews, over the past several years, have seen Brunello di Montalcino on parade, and starting this year Vernaccia di San Gimignano, while Bolgheri always runs alone. However, “I have not yet given up on the project of one big, unified event for Tuscan wine”, Saccardi added, “we had already thought about experimenting with something new this year, but we didn’t manage to do it because we started a bit too late. The idea of a week in which all Tuscan wine is presented in its entirety remains, though, beyond the Previews, which, for various reasons, have different times. For instance, Brunello di Montalcino and Bolgheri, which hold their events in November and September. The aim of the event will not only be to professionals, but to all those who want to learn more about our wines. As soon as this edition ends, we will begin discussing with the players in the wine world to see if the conditions are feasible for next time”.
Meanwhile, “PrimAnteprima” - promoted by the Tuscan Region with the Chamber of Commerce of Florence, PromoFirenze and Fondazione Sistema Toscana (and also broadcast in streaming on the websites and social channels of the Tuscan Region, intoscana.it, BuyWine, Vetrina Toscana and the Chamber of Commerce of Florence) - will be an opportunity to take stock of the challenges in the sector, together with Eugenio Giani, president of the Tuscan Region, Leonardo Bassilichi, president of the Florence Chamber of Commerce, Massimo Manetti, president of PromoFirenze and Francesco Palumbo, director of Fondazione Sistema Toscana, moderated by Nicola Prudente, aka Tinto, radio and television star of the Italian network RAI. “This year as well the “Previews” will be a moment of deep discussions, opening up to the world and presenting the highest quality companies”, the president Eugenio Giani, said, “there were some problems linked to climate change, which have affected the quantities produced, but not quality. It is precisely through wine and, specifically, quality wines, that all agri-food products are promoted and exporting them is promoted. Through wine exports, Made in Tuscany has now become a strong value in the growth of our country’s gross domestic product”.
The ISMEA report, follows, led by Fabio Del Bravo, Director of the Ismea Supply Chain and Market Analysis Department, which will describe the structural characteristics of the Tuscan wine sector, as well as the performance of wines on Italian and foreign markets. The global situation, now, is challenging, including decreases in production and downsizing of some consolidated markets. Carlo Flamini, Director of the UIV Wine Observatory - Unione Italiana Vini, will talk about this issue in depth, focusing especially on the US case. Other challenges include those dictated by the climate, and seasons marked by extraordinary atmospheric events and trends that inevitably influence production, about which Bernardo Gozzini, sole director of the Lamma Consortium, will give an overview. Finally, the round table discussion led by Stefania Saccardi (who will also award the Kyle Phillips Award of the Aset-Enogastroalimentare Press Association of Tuscany, to a journalist who has embodied the approach of frankness, professional curiosity, lack of prejudice and impartiality). The “Week of Previews” will continue with events organized by the Consortiums. The “Chianti Classico Collection” (February 15th and 16th, Stazione Leopolda, Florence), the “Preview of Nobile di Montepulciano” (February 17th, Fortezza ed Enoliteca, Montepulciano), the “Chianti Lovers & Rosso Morellino” (February 18th, Fortezza da Basso, Florence), and “L'Altra Toscana”, (February 19th, Palazzo degli Affari, Florence).

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