Allegrini 2018

Urban vineyards are invading Italian and European cities in the name of history, culture and beauty

The UVA planted urban vineyards in Turin, Siena, Venice and Paris, and now also in Milan, Palermo and the Venetian lagoon

Turin has the Vigna della Regina, Siena, the Senarum Vinea, Venice the Vineyards of the Lagoon, and Paris the Clos Montmartre. The culture of urban vineyards has been a real re-discovery in the twenty-first century, and more and more Italian cities (as well as cities all over the world) are dedicating green spaces to winegrowing, set within the architecture of the city, to give back the proper attention to ancient traditions. This “trend” has become real, so that the 4 original vineyards of the Urban Vineyards Association (the first conference was held in Turin a few days ago) are being joined by 3 new ones of top historical and cultural value: Vigna di Leonardo in Milan, Vigna del Gallo in Palermo, and San Francesco della Vigna vines on the Venetian lagoon. UVA was founded a few months ago. Its aim is protecting the historical and cultural heritage that the Urban Vineyards represent. The next steps to be taken are very clear. The association will continue to carry out and complete the Urban Vineyards circuit; i.e., an international journey aimed at quality cultural tourism connecting the urban vineyards in Europe, uniting vineyards in Northern Europe with those in Sicily and the Mediterranean.

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