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Usa, in 2022 wine imports at 6.68 billion euros. Italy and France are in the lead

Italian productions at 2.1 billion euros (customs data), but the French win the comparison on the average price: 12.24 euros per liter
2022 on the USA market

In 2022, Italian wine exports confirmed the United States as the top destination, capable of billing up to 1.86 billion euros (Istat data), accounting for just under a quarter of total Italian wine exports, which closed the year at 7.87 billion euros. Not far from the total wine imports in the USA in the same period, which reached 6.68 billion euros (+3.7% on 2021), for a total of 1.43 billion liters (+3.3%), and an average price of 4.64 euros per liter (+0.4%), as emerges from the data of the OEMV - Observatorio Español del Mercado del Vino.
In terms of types, imports of still bottled wines represented a turnover of 4.5 billion euros, sparkling wines reached a value of 1.8 billion euros and bulk wines moved 380 million euros. Ahead of Italy, which would have exported a total of 2.1 billion euros of wine based on US customs data analyzed by the OEMV, France ranks first with 2.4 billion euros, followed by New Zealand on the podium with 536 million euros. On the other hand, Spain, the world’s third wine power, lags far behind. which has a turnover of only 360 million euros in the United States.
Thus, France and Italy together account for 68% of all wine imported from the United States, and both will set a value record on the world’s main wine import market in 2022. France, however, has a significantly higher average price: 12.24 euros per liter, compared to 5.49 euros per liter for Italian wine. On the other hand, the made-in-Italy sparkling wine has no competition, with 125.5 million liters exported in 2022 (+10.3%), more than double the French bubbles (51 million liters, -2.4%) which, however, they have a much higher turnover than the Italian ones: more than 1 billion euros account for 607 million euros, and an average price, driven by Champagne, of 20.52 euros per liter against the 4.34 euros per liter of sparkling wines Italians.
Curious is also the data from Canada, the second exporter by volume (behind Italy, with 384 million liters), with 211 million liters of wine shipped to the neighboring USA, practically all in bulk at extremely low prices. The United States, which has surpassed Great Britain in terms of value for several years, has also established itself, for the first time, as the world’s leading importer in terms of volume, overcoming both Germany and Great Britain.

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