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Vegan, cannabis, social, rosè, orange: this is where the world of wine consumption goes

The 10 trends lined up by the Studio by Studio Espresso Communication, which involved sommeliers and wine bloggers

Wine continues to be one of the most popular beverages today. It is sufficient to think that, according to a survey by the Wine Insititute, in 2018 more than 3.656 billion liters were consumed just in the United States, and that in Italy, according to Istat data, 54.1% of people drink it at least once a year, and 18.2% every day, while data from the OIV shows that consumption in Italy in the last 5 years has increased by 8%. And again, according to a survey by Beer Marketer, Millennials prefer wine and spirits to beer, reversing the trend of the nineties. But what are the main trends in the wine sector? Vegan wines, as pointed out by a study on Forbes, and the market for organic wines, which, according to a survey conducted by Reuters, will grow by 14% by 2022, are the most important. Among the most curious trends are also those of wines infused with cannabis, because of the many beneficial properties, and that of “Bring Your Own Bottle”, or bring your own bottle of wine directly from home to the restaurant, reported by British research published on the Telegraph. But the “wine mania” is also spreading over social networks, where there are over 51 million posts dedicated to wine, and over 7 million posts with the hashtag #winelover. There is also room for the return of rosé wines and the debut of orange wines. The most requested food pairings? Red meat, cold cuts, grilled fish and vegetables in pinzimonio. It emerges from a study conducted by Espresso Communication for Vitavigor, the historic brand of breadsticks, involving a panel of 40 experts including sommeliers and wine bloggers.
“Wine is a historic drink - explains Federica Bigiogera, marketing manager of Vitavigor - which continues to be very successful among adults and young people, suitable for a family lunch or dinner with friends. To enjoy it in the best possible way, in line with the trends of the moment, we have created HappyVi, mini snacks perfect to accompany the main trendy wines. Among the most recommended combinations, there are Happy Vi with green olives and dried tomatoes, small and fragrant, with an unmistakable Mediterranean flavor based on genuine ingredients, and Happy Vi with rosemary. Their “mini” format is ideal for dipping into a luxurious truffle cream or game pate. For lovers of Prosecco, however, my advice is to combine Happy Vi with Parmigiano Reggiano, with a crisp and fragrant scent”.
According to experts, among the trends of the future in the wine world we should mention the Byob (Bring Your Own Bottle) and wines with low alcohol content. “The Byob is a system that is widely used in many international markets. The consumer brings his bottle to the restaurant that provides him with professional service, the right glasses - says Roberto Anesi, elected Best Sommelier of Italy in 2017 and Professional of the Year 2019 - and also combined dishes. Usually, you pay “cork fees” for uncorking, which in some cases can even exceed 150 euros. For health reasons, and for the laws on alcohol, however, the consumer pays much more attention than in the past to the amount of alcohol in wines, so more and more producers are adapting to the trend of “low abv” wines”.
Even in the world of Hollywood there are many celebrities who have become involved in the “wine mania”: from Oscar-winning musician John Legend, who has created a line of wines customized by the name Lve (Legend Vineyard Exclusive) to Drew Barrymore, who has partnered with Carmel Road Winery in California to launch his Pinot Grigio, up to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, founders of Miraval, a luxurious vineyard in Provence worth 60 million dollars, to Francis Ford Coppola, who has decided to put his fine wines of the Diamond Collection in cans. A trend reported by an American study published in Business Insider, according to which 28% of Millennials would rather drink wine in cans and sit comfortably on their sofa at home for economic and practical reasons. But that's not all, because according to CNBC research, canned wine is a $45 million business.
Eleonora Galimberti, an expert wine consultant for buyers, enthusiasts and collectors from all over the world, points out the trend of vegan wines. “Among the trends in the sector of wine, vegan philosophy is becoming more and more important. Do not mistake it with organic practice, vegan wine is produced without interactions of animal origin, both in the vineyard and in the cellar, certified and controlled by Sgs. The food market shows that the vegan segment is increasingly expanding, both in terms of existence and of big brands. The gastronomic pairing par excellence with a vegan wine remains, without doubt, the classic breadsticks, a product that recalls freshness, lightness, minerality, balance of aromas and flavors, but above all persistence”.
Finally, according to Chiara Bassi, sommelier and wine blogger, 2019 is the year of the return of rosé wines. “While on the one hand they remain significantly less consumed than the more traditional white and red wines, this trend is carving out an increasingly important slice in the horeca sector and for this reason should not be overlooked. In summer, when it is more difficult to choose red wines, it is impossible to resist their freshness, while in the rest of the year they convince with their great drinkability and the ease with which they accompany appetizers and pasta dishes, but also fish main courses, dry pastries or chocolate desserts. The perfect match? I recommend wrapping a slice of lightly smoked cooked bacon around a salted breadstick on the surface and tasting it with a Salento rosé wine made from primitivo grapes”.

Focus - The 10 trends in the world of wine
1. Vegan wines: beverages produced without animal-derived interactions, certified and controlled by SGS.
2. Rosé wines: Mediterranean drinks par excellence, produced from red grapes and vinified with a few hours of contact of the skins with the must.
3. Low ABV wines: wines with an alcohol content between 6 and 8.5, strongly preferred by young people.
4. Organic wines: obtained from grapes grown without the use of synthetic or artificial chemicals and complying with the principles of organic farming.
5. Bring Your Own Bottle: there is a growing trend to bring your own bottle of wine from home to the restaurant, using the service of an experienced sommelier.
6. Cannabis wines: produced with organic cannabis and biodynamically fermented grapes, they are required for their beneficial properties.
7. Canned wines: The canned wine market is becoming increasingly popular due to its practicality of use and portability.
8. Riesling: produced in Germany, this is one of the finest white wines in the world, considered the most sought after by enthusiasts because of its unique aroma.
9. Orange wines: beverages produced through the fermentation of white grapes with their solid parts, or skin and stalks.
10. Cabernet Franc: is the French fruity wine par excellence, characterized by a mix of aromas ranging from fruit to spices, as well as maintaining its freshness and minerality.

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