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Volumes down, but values up thanks to sparkling wines, in the first 11 months of wine exports

WineNews has analyzed ISTAT data on Italian wine in the world markets. USA, UK and Germany are still the top destinations
Volumes down, but values up thanks to sparkling wines

Volumes are down, while values instead, are growing on the market trio US-UK-Germany that, as always, takes the lion's share of Italian wine on world markets. Still wines have hit 3.7 billion euros (up from 3.6 in 2018), 1.2 billion liters (down from 1.3 in 2018) and sparkling wines reached 2 billion euros (up from 1.8 billion euros in 2018), for 633 million liters (down from 639 in 2018), for a total of 5.7 billion euros (up from 5.4 in 2018). According to data from the National Statistics Institute, Istat, this, then, is the state of Italian wine exports recorded between January and November 2018, which WineNews has analyzed, confirming that growth, even though moderate, is primarily due to sparkling wines.
As far as still wines are concerned, the US is the number one market for Italian wine, at 943 million euros (up from 919 in the same period in 2018), followed by Germany at 705 million (up from 682 in 2018) and the United Kingdom at 335 million (down from 337 in 2018). Canada is the fourth market, at 266 million euros (up from 265 in 2018), ahead of Switzerland at 258 million euros (up from 246 in 2018). Next is Denmark at 107 million euros (down from110 in 2018) and Japan (also down from 112 in 2018), while the Netherlands reported 102 million (up from 97 in 2018). France also increased volumes, at 99 million euros (up from 91 in 2018) and completing the top 10 is Sweden at 98 (up from 95 in 2018), while China remained essentially stable at 89 million euros (up from 88 in 2018).
The number one market, however, for Italian sparkling wines is the United Kingdom which, in the first 11 months of the year, has yielded 429 million euros (up from 408 in the same period in 2018), to Italian wineries, ahead of the United States, which grew from 374 to 412 million euros, and Germany, which saw an increase from 238 to 253 million euros. In addition, there are all the other most important markets for Italian sparkling wines, which have also grown; namely Switzerland (88 million euros), France (76 million euros), Sweden (67 million euros), Russia (52 million euros), Belgium and Austria (both at 46 million euros), Canada (44 million euros) and Japan (41 million euros).

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