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When a rating changes lives: British magazine “Decanter’s” 100/100 to Italian labels

From Allegrini’s Fieramonte to Masseto, from Sassicaia to Frescobaldi’s Brunello Riserva to Roagna’s crus

A “100” changes lives, opens up all new opportunities, and symbolically marks the transition from great wine status to “myth wine” status. It applies especially to the U.S. market, where the scores of critics’ gurus, from Robert Parker (The Wine Advocate) to James Suckling, passing, of course, through “Wine Spectator”, have dictated, and continue to do so today, trends, successes and fortunes of so many labels. Starting with the Italian ones, celebrated, however, also by another historic magazine of the sector: the English “Decanter”, founded in 1975 and read throughout the Anglo-Saxon world, including the U.S., but also in Asia.

A global benchmark, which, since the beginning of the year, has awarded as many as three “100s”: to Tenuta San Guido’s Sassicaia 2019, Castelgiocondo’s (Frescobaldi) Brunello di Montalcino Riserva Ripa al Convento 2016, and Allegrini’s Amarone della Valpolicella Fieramonte 2015, the first Valpolicella label to land on “La Place”, which thus “wets” its debut (on September 29, along with La Poja. ed.).

“To these, should be added the 100/100 previously awarded to Barolo Pira Vecchie Viti 2016 and Roagna’s Barbaresco Pajè Riserva 2006, but also the 100/100 of Masseto 2001, which dates back, however, to 2020, and was a confirmation of a universally celebrated wine, just as with Ornellaia 2013”, Aldo Fiordelli, a “Decanter” byline since 2016, under the guidance of the Editor for Italy James Button, reminds WineNews.
“Statistics in hand, since the launch of the online “Premium” version, which allows access to tasting sheets two weeks before the print issue comes out, “Decanter” has gained a great deal of attention from the U.S. and Asia, but the target market is still the UK. And, therefore, a mature, dynamic and structured market, in which all scores from 96 to 100 have a positive influence: those who buy for drinking or collecting know that from that threshold excellence is triggered-although the “100” always makes a good impression-and this is exactly what the reference has been since the 20/20 was abandoned, about ten years ago, precisely to open up, even in ratings, to markets outside the Uk”, Fiordelli concludes.

“We can only be honored to see our beloved Fieramonte (which, just in these days, celebrated 100/100, ed.) at the top of the ranking of such an authoritative magazine as “Decanter”: these 100 points demonstrate the excellence of Allegrini’s style, but they are also a profound reason for pride for the entire Valpolicella. Results like this confirm that sacrifices and passion always have reason to exist. And speaking of tenacity and dedication, our thoughts can only go to Franco Allegrini, who, just a few months ago, left us. It was his foresight, vision and patience that allowed the rebirth of this emblematic wine. We are convinced that wherever he is, he will be toasting this beautiful 100/100 with us”, comments the Allegrini family.

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