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Wine and critics, there comes the “Robert Parker Wine Advocate Top 100 Wine Discoveries 2020”

The new ranking focused not only on scores, but on stories and values that tell the wines of the world and of Italy (whose “voice” is Monica Larner)
Wine and critics, the “Robert Parker Wine Advocate Top 100 Wine Discoveries 2020”

A ranking made not so much with the wines that obtained the highest scores of the year, but emphasizing the stories behind the wines, which increasingly fascinate consumers: this is the philosophy of the “Robert Parker Wine Advocate Top 100 Wine Discoveries 2020”, the new “chart” that, from this year, will be published by one of the most authoritative publications in the wine world, whose signature from Italy is Monica Larner. A new chart, the one that will be published on November 15 for subscribers and on November 17 for everyone, signed by the magazine (which today is 100% owned by the Michelin group, ed.), realized giving priority to wines that tell values, that are able to be long-lived, produced in a sustainable way, and that, in some way, tell an innovative approach, in the vineyard, in the cellar and not only.
“Every year, our team of critics tastes and reviews more or less 30,000 wines from around the world. This year, for the first time, we asked them to highlight the most interesting discoveries from the wines they have tasted in the previous 12 months”, explains The Wine Advocate, who adds: “While our critics spend much of their time reviewing traditional wines from classic wine regions, part of our ethos has always been to discover great wines, no matter where they come from or how they are made. With the global reach of the team and decades of experience, The Wine Advocate is uniquely qualified to highlight new or innovative wines that today’s modern wine consumers should be looking for”.
In light of this announcement, we can read as a sort of preview that of November 2019, when in the announcement of the passage to 100% under the aegis of the Michelin group, The Wine Advocate announced its “10 discoveries of the year”, with the Etna Carricante Eruzione 1614 2017 by Planeta, from Sicily, the only Italian wine selected. In 2020, The Wine Advocate has published reviews of wines from 30 countries around the world, such as Argentina, Australia, Austria, Canada, Chile, China, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Italy, New Zealand, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, United States and more. And the Belpaese, as almost always happens in the great international wine rankings, will be well represented.

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