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Wine and e-commerce: “Leonardo da Vinci” wines, just a click away

The Leonardo da Vinci wineries have launched their web platform dedicated to wines produced using the Italian genius’ method
Wine and e-commerce: “Leonardo da Vinci” wines, just a click away

Leonardo da Vinci is considered the greatest Italian genius to have ever lived, because of his immense artistic and scientific activity, as well as having painted such masterpieces as The Mona Lisa and the Last Supper. He conceived ideas infinitely ahead of his time, building inventions like the helicopter, the scuba diving suit, and even a rudimentary calculator. If he were alive today, he would probably have created many of the innovations that have become part of our daily lives, like e-commerce, which dominates the news today. Leonardo also loved wine and was a vine grower in the vineyard in Milan that Ludovico Il Moro gave him (the vineyard has been rebuilt thanks to a research project involving wine celebrities such as Professor Attilio Scienza, Professor of Viticulture at the University of Milan, and the wine critic, Luca Maroni). Now, though, he would have to accept the fact that the wines produced using his method are just a click away for wine enthusiasts the world over, using the e-commerce portal (shop.leonardodavinci.it), that the Leonardo da Vinci Wineries have launched, and are the only owners of the brand linked to the Italian genius, Leonardo.
A platform has been created on which “all enthusiasts and connoisseurs will be able to taste, in their homes, the best production of wines made using the Leonard Method”, retrieved from Leonardo's writings. In a letter dated 1515 to the farmer on his Podere di Fiesole, the genius wrote about “wine, the divine liqueur of grapes”, emphasizing pioneering aspects such as optimizing the quality of the grapes, fertilizing vines using basic substances, making wine in closed barrels, and so on. The technical, agronomy and oenology staff of Leonardo da Vinci Spa have taken Leonardo’s indications as guidelines to define the “Leonardo Method”. It is an exclusive and secret viticulture and oenological specification, developed in collaboration with the support of a Scientific Committee of oenologists and scholars, such as Alessandro Vezzosi, a prominent scholar of Leonardo Da Vinci, for the historical-cultural investigation, and Luca Maroni, well-known sensory analyst who has translated Leonardo’s indications into today’s techniques.
“If you and the others would welcome these arguments we would drink an excellent wine”, wrote Leonardo, at the bottom of his indications. Today, the wines produced following his indications are just a click away for fans.

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