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Wine and investments, Torrevento grows again in Apulia and acquires the majority of Oria Wine

Francesco Liantonio ( Torrevento’s president): “strategic investment for the growth and consolidation of the brand”
Torrevento grows again in Puglia, and acquires Oria Wine

For the leading companies of the territories, investing again in their own land, especially in complex moments like the ones we are living, is both an opportunity and an ethical “duty”, as well as a sign of confidence in the future and in the territory itself. And it goes in this sense the shrewd agreement between Cantine Torrevento (which is already a partner of the holding Prosit Spa, of the “Made in Italy Fund”, the Private Equity fund of Quadrivio & Pambianco), which acquired the majority of the winery Oria Wine, in Oria, in the heart of the production area of Doc Primitivo di Manduria and Primitivo Igt.
“The production site - says Francesco Liantonio, president of Cantine Torrevento, and board member of Prosit - is located in the territory of Oria near Manduria, surrounded by ancient vineyards of Primitivo grape cultivated with Apulian alberello system, an ancient and traditional cultivation method defined as heroic for its low yield and for the management of the vineyard which is the result of completely manual work. The varietal selection of grapes, together with a wise vinification and aging, will allow us to obtain and continue producing excellent wines, full bodied and appreciated all over the world”.
“The Primitivo vine - continues Luigi Lenoci, Oria Wine’s partner - had and still has a fundamental role in the Apulian viticultural production, getting great recognition both in Italy and abroad. Me and my family have always believed in the potentialities of Primitivo, we have worked for the selection of the best grapes in the territory and the production of excellent wines, laying the foundations of the Oria Wine project. Today, thanks to the agreement signed with Cantine Torrevento and the support of an important Group such as Prosit, we have the opportunity to further strengthen what we have already done in order to consolidate and expand our production thanks to targeted investments in the vineyard, in the cellar and in the market”.
The assembly, just constituted, appointed as administrator Alessandro Masciulli, of Lenoci/Masciulli family, who says: “me and my uncle Luigi Lenoci, always working in the world of wine and already owners of a winery in the area of Canosa di Puglia, have always believed in the great opportunity to create a production site of excellence in the area suited for the cultivation of primitive wine. Oria Wine and in particular the agreement with Cantine Torrevento and Prosit represent the perfect realization of our common project and I am honored for this important task which sees all of us protagonists and actors of a path that we are sure will bring great results”.
The president of Cantina Oria Wine is the oenologist Leonardo Palumbo, who graduated in oenology at the University of Bordeaux and since 2014 winemaker of Cantine Torrevento, today one of the most important experts of Apulian wines, who says: “Oria Wine is provided with wide spaces for the harvesting of grapes and with modern technology in the cellar: maceration of grapes, winemaking and aging in steel at controlled temperature, use of precious cement tanks are some of the elements that will allow us to further exalt and value the varietal characteristics, already exceptional, typical of Primitivo. The agreement signed satisfies and realizes the need to create a perfect interaction between the different regional production areas (north and south of Apulia)”.
“In order to face more and more complex, demanding and competitive markets, in continuous evolution - concludes Francesco Liantonio - it is necessary to have precise objectives and important resources to invest: Oria Wine represents for Cantine Torrevento a strategic investment, a key element that will offer a further opportunity for growth and consolidation of the Torrevento brand. In fact, our winery has always been committed to the production and enhancement of Primitivo and indigenous varieties of Salento area. Today Cantine Torrevento has decided to invest directly in this area in order to consolidate and further develop the production and commercialization of these products that enhance the territory, its excellences and the appellations that represent it, always under the sign of perfect traceability from vineyard to bottle”.

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