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Wine and promotion, from the Agricultural Policies 25 million euros (in addition to the CMO)

From WineNews rumors, tomorrow in the State-Regions the draft decree for the use of resources provided by the “Fund for agricultural supply chains”
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Wine & promotion, from the Agricultural Policies 25 million euros, in addition to the CM0

Good news for Italian wine: 25 million euros could soon arrive in addition to the 100 million already provided annually by the Wine CMO, for the promotion in Third Countries. From what WineNews learns, tomorrow, should start the process to discuss, in the State-Regions Conference, the ministerial decree that will set the modalities of access and use of funds, national, which derive from the 300 established for the year 2021 by the “Fund for the development and support of the agricultural, fishing and aquaculture sectors”, established by the “Budget Law” of December 30, 2020.
From rumors, in the outline of the decree, it is explained that the funds can be used for initiatives aimed at “supporting and increasing exports of wine products abroad, through the implementation of promotional campaigns, training and information with the segment Horeca and international retail”, and “to attract to wine products an increasing number of non-EU consumers contextually increasing the awareness of quality consumption through the financing of institutional communication campaigns, promotion and marketing”.
There are many things to be defined (from who will have access to the funds to the timing and method of disbursement, ed.), but in the meantime, an important signal has arrived from the Ministry of Politics which, in view of a restart that will hopefully be increasingly robust in the markets, as well as tools to contain supply (from the reduction of yields to funds for storage, on which there have been critical management issues, ed.), is once again putting tools in the field to stimulate demand for Italian wine in the world.

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