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Wine and research, Masi Agricola represents Italy in the OIV International Business Consortium

The Boscaini family winery is among the six companies in the world that support the research of the International Organization of Vine and Wine

It is critical for anyone involved in research and science to be able to rely on companies that not only support but also experience that research in a tangible way, and whose results they implement in their work. It applies to all industries, but especially to wine, where the times and cycles of nature are long, and research and experimentation necessitate significant resources in terms of know-how and structures, whether cellars, laboratories, or vineyards. And, within this framework, the International Organization of Vine and Wine (OIV), the intergovernmental body to which 49 producing and consuming countries in the world adhere, led by President Luigi Moio, and which is preparing, in 2024, to celebrate its first 100 years of life (as told here), welcomes Italy to its “Consortium” at Masi Agricola, one of the most important companies of Italian wine, and of Valpolicella in particular, led by the Boscaini family, which thus unites world-class companies such as Viña Concha y Toro (Chile), Moët Hennessy (France), Sogrape (Portugal), Familia Torres (Spain) and Yalumba Family Winemakers (Australia). Leading companies which, explains the OIV, “are committed to contributing to technical and scientific research in the vine and wine sector and to its dissemination through the OIV itself”.
“Masi’s presence in the Consortium improves the quality of research and broadens the OIV’s international reach. The club wasn’t complete without the participation of such a significant Italian company: Italy is one of the cornerstones of wine and needed to be represented. “We will all be able to benefit from its knowledge and experience”, said Pau Roca, dg OIV. “There aren’t many companies in Italy, and even fewer globally, that are internally structured for research and development in the vineyard and cellar.
Masi, whose Technical Group has been committed to its assets for four decades, feels honoured to be a part of this prestigious and small group, and is proud to represent Italy by bringing its instances: the biodiversity heritage in grape varieties which has no equal, the richness of the territories, and the ensuing enological expressions”, declared Sandro Boscaini, president of Masi Agricola. The Consortium, through technical projects, supports the OIV’s strategies, makes them known and globally uniform, indicates their priorities, and serves as the scientific arm in the fundamental current task of legitimising wine as a product of culture and territory. And now, it has also an Italian soul, with Masi Agricola.

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