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Wine patronage has risen to the next level: Antinori will sponsor the restoration of Ponte Vecchio in Florence

The historic Florentine wine brand, together with the Municipality of Florence, will restore one of the symbols of the city, and Italy, to its ancient splendor

Wine patronage is widespread in Italy and it has now definitely risen to a new level. The Antinori family, at the helm of the Group and one the most famous and appreciated brands in the Italian wine world, will sponsor, together with the Municipality of Florence the conservative restoration of a monument that is an icon not only of the “Cradle of the Renaissance”, but also of Italy and the entire world: Ponte Vecchio. This is the first restoration of this type to be carried out on the Ponte Vecchio, which is also one of the most visited places in the city, to bring it back to its former splendor. Marchesi Antinori, in the broader restoration project, will oversee especially the part relating to the facades of the bridge, as part of an intervention that calls for a commitment of resources totaling 2 million euros. “The history of our family has always been closely linked to the city of Florence since the 13th century,” says Piero Antinori, honorary president of Marchesi Antinori. “The city has given us so much over these centuries, and that is why we are particularly pleased to be able to be part of this phenomenal project. Tignanello is celebrating its first 50 years and it is the perfect opportunity to collaborate with the Municipality of Florence in this new conservation project of Ponte Vecchio, which is one of the top symbols of the city of Florence around the world, and of course a source of pride for all of us Florentines”. “The bridge is the symbol of our city - it has resisted floods, fires and the Nazi-fascist invasion. Now, for the first time in its centuries old history, it will receive a complex restoration intervention that will allow it to be fully valorized”, Dario Nardella, Mayor of the City of Florence, added.
“Ponte Vecchio obviously is stable, it is solid and anchored, but it does suffer from the typical ailments of any structure placed outdoors, and therefore it is subjected to atmospheric phenomena and river floods. This project is historic because Ponte Vecchio has never had a restoration intervention of this technical complexity. When it is finished, we will have an even more beautiful bridge than we are used to seeing. I deeply thank the Antinori family for this special gift they have given to Florence. It is thanks to the sensitivity and generosity of these gestures that the public and private sectors together can take care of the artistic and historical heritage of the city”. Ponte Vecchio was built in the first half of the fourteenth century, and it has had numerous renovations and consolidations over the centuries, but until now had never had a conservative restoration intervention, aimed at enhancing it from an aesthetic point of view as well. Work will begin in the autumn of 2024. The project Antinori is collaborating on is of global stature. Antinori has a very long history closely linked to Florence (the city of Piazza Antinori, on which Palazzo Antinori stands that was also the company's headquarters until the monumental Antinori winery in the Chianti Classico, designed by the archistar Marco Casamonti was built), where the Antinori family has been dedicated to producing wine for more than six hundred years, since 1385, when Giovanni di Piero Antinori became part of the Florentine Arte dei Vinattieri (Vintners Guild). Throughout its long history, 26 generations, the family has always managed their business directly, making innovative and often courageous choices, while always maintaining their unchanged respect for traditions and the territory. Today, the company is chaired by Albiera Antinori, together with her two sisters, Allegra and Alessia, personally involved in the company activities.

Focus - Technical notes from the Municipality of Florence on the conservative restoration of Ponte Vecchio
Work will involve restoring the original materials of all the elements present, such as armillary spheres, facades, arches, piers, abutments, wing walls, paving and parapets in the two small central squares, to guarantee conservation will endure over time. At the same time, work will be carried out to improve the management of stormwater. The procedures will be generally divided into the following interventions:
- disinfestation and disinfecting surfaces to eliminate algae, moss, lichens and weeds;
- cleaning materials from irregular deposits of atmospheric particulates, chemical substances carried through rainwater or rising humidity, saline efflorescence, "crusts" that come from chemical combinations of polluting substances existent in the environment;
- removing grouting and unsuitable elements or substances applied in previous interventions;
- consolidating materials based on the specific type of degradation, especially grouting, micro-grouting and aesthetic presentation to fill gaps on the surfaces of the stone and to offer resistance to degrading agents such as atmospheric, chemical, biological pollutants and water infiltration;
- consolidating cracks, fractures and the main lesion;
- recovering deteriorated, disintegrated and missing joints;
- reconstructing stone elements and plaster layers (where present);
- integrating with stone elements or filling in using pieces of pietra forte and mortar;
- protecting stone, plastered surfaces, metal elements;
- drawing up the joints between the stones and replacing the highly deteriorated elements;
- restoring the stone flooring;
- restoring pietra serena copings on the parapets of the squares. Work to be carried out on the pavement is scheduled to begin in October/November 2024, work on the piers and abutments of the bridge is scheduled to begin in the summer of 2025, while while work related to the facades is scheduled for the summer of 2026. The total amount of the intervention is 2 million euros.

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