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Wine serving marries fine contemporary art: Coravin and Keith Haring

“Keith Haring Timeless Six +” is the most recent project by the American company that revolutionized wine tasting, in the name of accessibility

Wine and art have been paired for quite a long time now, through projects where wine has acted as patron to the arts in various forms. On the other hand, art has “dressed” and enriched wine and wineries, quite often (but not only) for charity. Now, though, the artist-wine association is moving to the tools for serving wine. The exceptional partnership links Coravin and Keith Haring, in the name of “accessibility" - the former to wine, the latter to art. This extraordinary connection has created a limited edition, “Keith Haring Timeless Six +” by Coravin, prompting the wine technology company, which has been revolutionizing the concept of tasting globally, to dedicate one of its devices to one of the best-known artists of the twentieth century, thanks to his immediately recognizable style.
The debut will be in worldwide preview, and is already a candidate to become a collector's item. It was produced in collaboration with Artestar, and will be available — together with several works by the artist selected by Deodato Salafia - at the Deodato Arte Gallery, in Milan, during the “Milano Wine Week”(October 8-16). And, of course, one will be able to taste the Piedmont Ceretto brand and the Ceppaiano Estate wines for Keith Haring.

Five prestigious restaurants in the Milanese capital will literally be the frame around the new “Coravin for Keith Haring” wine, and will see their windows transformed into actual works of art. Some of the restaurants will provide a tasting menu and a combination of wines by the glass served using the Coravin systems. The stars of this initiative will be: the starred cuisine of Andrea Berton, in the futuristic district of Porta Nuova; the traditional Locanda alla Scala, in Brera; the 142 Restaurant, food destination and wine reference point, thanks to Sandra Ciciriello, partner and founder, and Davide Gianni, Maître of the restaurant and the care they adopt in selecting wines; Local, where you will discover a contemporary cuisine that exclusively uses only excellent raw materials and only from local artisanal producers; and Desco, which expresses “Milan Today” on the table in a convivial and modern environment.
“My mission with Coravin has been to expand the ways in which to enjoy good wines, giving everyone the opportunity to taste wine by the glass without necessarily having to buy an entire bottle”, Greg Lambrecht, inventor and founder of Coravin, said. “In the same way, Haring (whose belief is summarized in his words, “it is more and more clear to me that art is not an elitist activity, reserved for the appreciation of a few people. Art is for everyone and this is the goal I want to work on”, ed.), has made the art world more accessible and usable to a wider audience. This is why it is so wonderful to see his distinctive signature on our Timeless”.

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