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World wine exports have registered + 17.8% in value over the past 12 months

Turnover of global shipments was 35.5 billion euros over the period March 2021-March 2022. Italy reached 7.3 billion euros and is the leader in volume
The International wine market

The Observatory Español del Mercado del Vino (OEMV) has analyzed data from customs offices in various countries, and has revealed that world wine exports grew quite rapidly over the period March 2021 - March 2022. They grew more in terms of values ​​(+17.8%) and volumes (+ 4.8%) — respectively, 109 million hectoliters and 35.5 billion euros, and the average price was 3.23 euros per liter. The month of March was the 14th consecutive month of growth that however, marked a slowdown in volumes traded, which is in line with the International trend. Exports have had to deal with a climate of uncertainty due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the maritime transport crisis and obviously inflation, driven primarily by rising energy and fuel prices. Inflation has also affected the average price of wine, which increased 20% in February and in March 2022, reaching 3.55 euros per liter.
Over the past 12 months, still bottled wine has registered 52.6% in volume and 68.4% of the total value of wine exported around the world achieving 24.3 billion euros in turnover, while the average price is 4.2 euros per liter. On the other hand, sparkling wines exports over the same period grew + 42.3% (we must emphasize that the period referenced is between March 2020 and March 2021, that of lockdowns and closures, ed.), to 7.9 billion euros. and the average price at 7.16 euros. Now, sparkling wines are worth 10% in volume and 22.3% in overall value. Bulk, at 32 million hectoliters and 2.5 billion euros, represents 33% of total volumes and 7.1% in global wine turnover. Finally, bag-in-box wine is the only one that registered a drop in shipments over the period March 2021-March 2022; i.e., -10.4% in volume and -2.3% in value.
Italy, France and Spain’s totals represent 54% in volumes and 61% in value of wine exported worldwide between March 2021 and March 2022. Italy is the Country that has grown the most in volume (+ 10.3%), beating Spain as the number one exporter of wine in the world, for a total of 22.45 million hectoliters, while Spain (+ 4.9%) follows at 22.44 million hectoliters. France grew 7.5%, and reached 14.7 million hectoliters. In terms of value, however, France’s leadership remains unparalleled. France reached 11.6 billion euros in shipments (+ 30%), and the average price of its products shipped around the world was 7.89 euros per liter. Italy follows, at 7.37 billion euros (+ 17.5%), and the average price of 3.29 euros per liter, then Spain, at 2.9 billion euros (+ 7.2%), and 1.29 euros per liter, making it the wine exported at the lowest average price ever.
Then follow Chile (1.6 billion euros, + 6.5%), Australia, which had to pay the price for eliminating Chinese imports, following the more than 100% duties on Australian wine that Beijing imposed in November 2020 (1.37 billion euros, -20.2%). Then, the USA (1.3 billion euros, +14.7%), New Zealand (1.14 billion euros, +2.4%), Germany, which for the first time reached more than 1 billion euros (+ 10.6%), Portugal (931 million euros, +5.9%), Argentina (705 million euros, + 8%) and South Africa (657 million euros, +22, 3%).

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