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2020, the beginning of a new decade to celebrate with 2010 wines: Beppe Rinaldi’s Barolo at the top

The “Must Buy” ranking of the Wine Lister portal, dedicated to the wines of the world ten years ago, with so many Italian wines
2020, a new decade to celebrate with 2010 wines: Beppe Rinaldi’s Barolo at the top

If the vintage, for quality wine, is a fundamental criterion, the change of decade, for many, is an opportunity to make balances and good intentions. Including, perhaps, to celebrate the decade that has just ended by printing, or putting in the cellar, a wine born just 10 years ago. And following this criterion, the portal specializing in fine wine Wine-Lister, has drawn up a list of “Must Buy”, the wines of the world that are really worth having in the cellar for quality, aging potential but also economic revaluation, all, of course, vintage 2010 (https://www.wine-lister.com/search?searchtext=2010&scoreupper=100&isWlBuy=true&scoretype=wl). And, at the absolute top, the only wine with a score of 100 out of 100, there is Italy, with one of its most famous wines, Barolo, signed by one of its greatest interpreters, the late Beppe Rinaldi, with the Barolo Brunate 2010. But there are many Italians in the top positions, from the Collezione de Marchi Cabernet Sauvignon di Isole e Olena, to the Chianti Classico Vigna del Sorbo Riserva di Fontodi, to Masseto, to be among the wines with 98 points. Furthermore, scrolling through the list, where there is obviously no lack of great names from France, but also from California, for example, there is the Paleo Rosso de Le Macchiole, which “bissa” also with the Scrio, and again the Terra di Lavoro by Galardi, the Barolo Ciabot Mentin by Domenico Clerico, the Oreno by Tenuta Setteponti, Montevetrano, the Solengo by Argiano, the Barolo Sperss by Gaja, the Chianti Classico and the Poggio Riserva Castello di Monsanto, Brunello di Montalcino from Tenuta Greppo di Biondi Santi, Barolo Margheria from Azelia, Sassicaia from Tenuta San Guido, Langhe Darmagi from Gaja, Barbaresco Curra from Sottimano, Barolo Arborina from Elio Altare and Gaja, with its Brunello di Montalcino Sugarille di Pieve Santa Restituta, passing through Barolo Colonnello di Aldo Conterno, and Brunello di Montalcino dei Conti Costanti, to limit us to wines judged up to 95 points.

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